• Livinginthestreets

    I hope Yankees protects Christian Garcia in Rule V Draft in near future eventhough He’s coming off Tj Surgery. I don’t want nationals drafting him.

  • Ron

    Having not heard either of them quoted before they did steroids, but having read Canseco’s book and Giambi’s various interviews, it makes me wonder – do only idiots do steroids, or does using them adversely affect ones intelligence? As affable as they both seem, can one get any shallower?

  • Livinginthestreets

    Arms race

    Rival staffs vie for World domination

    Ny DailyNews compares Yankees rotation vs Redsox. Which rotation is better?


    [QUOTE]So which team’s rotation is better? The Daily News tries to offer some answers with a breakdown of the matchups.

    Here’s what one major league scout says: “They’ve both got plenty of issues. I’d give the edge to the Yankees because of the consistency of their first three” – Chien-Ming Wang, Andy Pettitte and Mike Mussina.

    But David Ortiz says “We’re in a better situation. We’ve got Curt (Schilling), we’ve got (Josh) Beckett and we’ve got Daisuke (Matsuzaka). I guess we’ll see. There are a lot of expectations. “For both of us.” [/QUOTE]

    Pro-Redsox The Ny Dailynews gives an edge to Redsox rotation versus the Yankees rotation. Big Poopi says Redsox rotation are superior than the Yankees .Ny dailynews gives an edge to Redsox rotation versus the Yankees rotation.Big Papi says Redsox rotation are superior and better than the Yankees . At this moment the Redsox rotation are ahead of the Yankees, I say Yankees must sign and bring back Rocket or gives a chance to Phil “Franchise”.