My guesses at the Top 100

Ah, nuts. Yes, again
Top 100 List

Baseball America will be releasing their annual Top 100 Prospects list tomorrow, so I thought I’d have a little fun and try to predict what Yankee farmhands will make the list. You can find BA’s top 10 Yankee prospects (pre-Sheff and Unit deals, and pre-Garcia and Melancon injuries) here.

Phil Hughes – he’s the shit, and lock for the top 10, nevermind the list. I’ll guess number 5, with Dice-K, Alex Gordon, Delmon Young and Brandon Wood ahead of him, and Homer Bailey breathing down his neck. He won’t be eligible for the list next year.

Jose Tabata – also the shit, albeit a not as advanced version. Before the nagging hand injury, I’d have guessed he’d be in the 15-20 range, but now I’m thinking 25-30. Amongst outfielders, he’ll be behind (in no particular order) the Youngs (Delmon and Chris), Jay Bruce, Andrew McCutchen (the best prospect no one is talking about, the kid had a .853 OPS at AA as a 19-yr old last year for chrissakes), Cameron Maybin, Justin Upton and probably Fernando Martinez.

Humberto Sanchez – the lack of durability is a concern, but he’s got an electric arm. He needs to lose some weight and tighten up his mechanics if he wants to stick in the rotation, but he could be a poor man’s Joel Zumaya (as in he’ll only hit 97-98 instead of 100-101 with each pitch) out of the pen. I see him slotting into the 50-55 range, littered amongst the Chuck Lofrgens and Jacob McGees of the world.

Dellin Betances – I think he’ll sneak onto the list, somewhere in the 95-100 range. You may laugh now, but look for a 80-85 spot jump for Betances in the 2008 list. Amongst ’06 prep pitcher draftees, I see only Betances, Kasey Kiker and Clayton Kershaw making the list. Sorry Kyle Drabek, but you’re too much of a brat.

Joba Chamberlain – He’s on the fringe, and if he made it it would be as number 99 or 100. It’s ok, he could the Yanks secret weapon.

Ian Kennedy, Tyler Clippard and JB Cox are the longshots, putting it nicely.

There’s alot of truly great minor leaguers out there nowadays; the generation that followed the Yankee Dynasty and Summer of ’98 as pre-teens are all starting to graduate high school or head into their junior years of college. Just for fun, here’s my list of the top 10 prospects in baseball (not counting that Japanese guy):

  1. Alex Gordon
  2. Delmon Young
  3. Phil Hughes – jumps a spot because the next guy changed positions
  4. Brandon Wood
  5. Homer Bailey
  6. Tim Lincecum – there’s no better potential 1-2 combo in the game right now than Cain-Lincecum. He’s filthy.
  7. Cameron Maybin
  8. Jay Bruce
  9. Andrew McCutchen
  10. Yovani Gallardo – every bit as good as Hughes and Bailey in 2006, but no one really noticed
Ah, nuts. Yes, again
Top 100 List
  • Jeteupthemiddle

    Jim Callis literally said “Betances sneaks into the top 100” in his chat today.

  • Bizast

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  • Joseph P.

    Did you catch that bit about Lincecum not icing his arm after starts?

  • Ben

    Are they seriously going to rank Dice-K on the prospects list? That makes about as much sense as him winning Rookie of the Year, which will probably happen this year too. Wonderful.

    Let’s not vote Ron Santos into the Hall of Fame. Instead, let’s award ROY to a guy with 8 years of professional service under his belt.

  • Travis G.

    ^ yeah, and then decide NOT to give it to a Yankee rookie from Japan because all of a sudden, “he’s not really a rookie.” that was a joke.

    and there’s no way i see Hughes below Wood.

  • Mike A.

    I saw that Joe, that kid’s a freak. If you watch a video of him pitching though, he doesn’t put alot of stress on his arm. He uses his legs and that twist to get all his momentum towards the plate, his arm is basically just a rudder for the ball. He’s only about 5’10”, and he lands on the flat in front of the mound when he pitches. There’s guys that are 6’5″ that don’t make it that far with their stride.

    Dice-K will be on the list because he’s rookie eligible. With all the Japanese players coming over, they really should start counting Japanese playing time towards rookie eligibilty. For what it’s worth, Jose Contreras and Hideki Matsui had years of pro experience overseas, but they ranked number 6 and 8, respectively, on the 2003 list.

  • Joseph P.

    Lincecum or Cain?

  • Mike A.

    Still Cain, but Lincecum’s just a fascinating pitcher.

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