At what cost loyalty?

Farwell, Andy
Pavano dumped

Reading about the Yanks and hearing Michael Kay and Al Leiter talk tonight, I got the sense that Ron Villone, a favoite of Joe Torre, might just end up making the team despite his best efforts. I’m left wondering at what point does the benefit of the team outweigh player loyalty? This spring, Villone, in 9 appearances, has made it through just 5 innings. He’s allowed ten runs for an ERA of 14.40, and opponents are 13 for 25 (.520 BAA) against him. “Because he’s had bad outings doesn’t mean that necessarily you’re going to go that way … against him,” Yankees manager Joe Torre said. That just doesn’t sound promising for the bullpen.

Farwell, Andy
Pavano dumped
  • Trevor

    Ron Villone is not a good pitcher and never was a good pitcher. Even when he has those good few months last year his walk totals were still very high. I am not a believer in Sean Henn either but atleast he has some upside. Joe needs to come back to his senses here.

  • Mike A.

    In theory it doesn’t matter what Torre thinks, Cash will make the final call regarding Villone.

    Hopefully he’s seen enough to know that there’s better options, and just being lefthanded won’t cut it.

  • NYFan

    Pete Abe reports that Henn won a spot, along with Nieves and Phelps. That leaves no room for Villone on the major league roster.