Don’t expect Big Z in the Bronx

Catching up with some Yanks news
Not good news for Karstens?

Carlos Zambrano on his impending free agency:

“I like the Yankees, but I don’t see myself pitching at Yankee Stadium. Too many rules,” he said with a laugh. “If I play in New York, it’s going to be with the Mets. First of all, because I get to hit. And I love hitting.

“I can’t say … that I would never play for the Yankees. Hopefully no, but you never know. This is a business.”

So if the Yankees dump a truck of cash on his doorstep, he’d consider signing. Otherwise, he’d use the team for leverage. Given the way Cashman has been running things, I doubt we’ll see Big Z in pinstripes next season.

Catching up with some Yanks news
Not good news for Karstens?
  • Mike A.

    I don’t want him anyway, he walks way too many guys. He’s benefiting big time from pitching the NL; no one is accounting for all the extra runs he’ll allow in the AL with all those extra runners he allows.

    Pass. (but act interested to drive up the price for whatever team signs him)

  • Ben K.

    From what I’ve heard, Zambrano’s going to be signing an extension soon anyway with the Cubs. So we shouldn’t get our hopes up too much.

  • Joseph P.

    Not really saying that I want him; you gotta wonder how he’s going to hold up over the life of a 5- to 7-year deal.

    Ben, I’ve heard it both ways with the Cubs.