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Top young outfielders
So much for that super-utility guy idea

Hughes is on the mound right now facing the Indians, here’s how it’s going:

First Batter: David Delluci walked

Second Batter: Ryan Garko struck out

Third Batter: Shin-Soo Choo GIDP’ed. Inning over.

Update: My bad, Dellucci was picked off first…

And we pick it up in the 5th (tied 2-2, Kevin Reese with a 2-run job):

First Batter: Hector Luna slapped a single

Second Batter: Mike Rouse GIDP’ed (no mistake this time)

Third Batter: Grady Sizemore good morning, good afternoon, good ni…ground out

Days likely over for Phil, who dropped his spring ERA from 8.18 to 2.70. His line: 2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 1 K, 4-0 GB/FB ratio.

Top young outfielders
So much for that super-utility guy idea
  • Frog

    Yankees lose 6-5 Today against Indians. Indians defeated the Yankees and Mets . With The Yankees losing to the Indians Today, Is this means Indians will win World series and better team than Yankees?

  • Joseph P.

    Yes. It absolutely means that.

  • Mike A.

    Your logic is flawless.

    Man, can that Sizemore kid play or what? Just think, the Yanks were compelled to draft David Parrish and Danny Borrell ahead of Grady in the ’00 draft…

  • yankz

    I really don’t see how Delmon Young ranked higher than Sizemore on the top outfielders thing. Sizemore is really freaking young and posted an OPS over .900 as a center fielder, while playing (I believe) exceptional defense. Young probably has the higher upside as a hitter, but, right now, would you take him before Sizemore?

  • Mike A.

    The cliche answer is “Sizemore’s alreayd proven it at the big league level, so I’ll take him.”

    But ignoring that and assuming Delmon Young becomes what he’s supposed to be, I’d still take Grady. A RFer who could go .300-30-100 is a bit more common than a CFer who can do what Grady does.

    I can’t figure out why they’re batting him leadoff, if they hit him 3rd with Hafner and Martinez behind him, Sizemore would drive in 120 runs. He just wouldn’t score as many.