My my, have you lost some weight?


Joba with Nebraska:

Joba in Spring Training:

Hands off ladies, he’s married. With a kid. Â

(first pic via a standard Google images search, second via

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  • Mike Garret

    I have a question. Why Does Yankees have their own radio station like Mets and Redsox for Yankees Fans only?

    Mets have Wfan – Full of Mets homer and Mets fans in their station

    Weei – Boston Redsox home station,

    Yankees have Wcbs – It’s freaking news station.

    As Yankees Fan where do I listen to?

    Should I listen to 1050 espn radio?

    But Michael Kay’s is annoying.

  • Mike A.

    You’re aksing the wrong guy. I can’t stand talk radio, ALL of the hosts are complete morons.

  • Joseph P.

    Michael Kay may be annoying, but he’s a ton better than Mike and the Mad Dog.