• Yankee Fan in Chicago

    This might actually help us in the long run.

    Didn’t Wanger’s ips increase massively last year compared to previous season(s)?

    And in cases like that doesn’t it often affect the pitcher for the worse next season.

    Wanger pitching 5 months instead of six this season might help us once we get to October therefore.

    Plus, maybe we’ll get to see some of the kids. A few major league starts from Hughes or Ohlendorf — who looked like a real good pickup from what I saw of him in spring training — might be a good thing.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    I’m glad to hear someone put a positive spin on this.

  • http://eephus.blogspot.com Emma

    Don’t jump! Jeff Karstens can hold down the fort for a start or two…

    The only thing that worries me is that hamstring injuries often seem to take longer to heal than they’re supposed to. Wasn’t Cano initially going to miss only a couple of weeks last year – but it turned into six? Late April’s not such a big deal, but late May is another story… fingers crossed.

  • Jb

    The Boston Globe quotes an AL GM who thinks the open fifth starter spot in Boston inches them a little closer to Roger Clemens. The GM favors Houston despite the financial power of the other two contenders. The Astros need Clemens the most.

    Source- MlbTraderumors

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