Now pitching opening day, number 45


Nope, that’s not a typo. By many accounts, Carl Pavano — the missing-in-action Carl Pavano — is going to start Opening Day for the Yanks. With Wang landing on the DL, Pettitte needing a few more days to get ready, and Mike Mussina’s starts not lining up right, Pavano may be the one to take the ball against the Devil Rays on Monday, April 1 at Yankee Stadium. This goes to show that it really doesn’t matter who symbolically gets to pitch game 1 of 162. And as Peter Abraham noted, “Pavano would be pitching on 643 days of rest.”

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  • Gerald M

    I have question, this a offtopic.

    Which of these two pitchers has better upside Phil Hughes or Brandon Morrow ? Thanks.

    Brandon Marrow- Plus fastball and Plus splitter .Morrow sits 93-96 with his four-seam fastball that will reach 98-99 at times.

  • Mike A.

    Morrow’s got much more electrifying stuff, but it’s about 75-25 right now that he’ll end up a reliever.

    Hughes’ upside is higher, and he’s more likely to reach his ceiling.