Review of MLB 07: The Show for PS2

Steve Phillips still doesn't get it
No, he's not the next Darrell Rasner

Once EA lost it’s license to produce MLB games, my interest in them basically disappeared. MLB 2005 (predecessor to The Show) was good, but it tended to freeze. And freeze. And freeze. And freeze some more. MVP 05 was great in every possible way, especially since it included the..ahem…likenesses of Phil Hughes, Eric Duncan and Marcos Vechionacci. However, that franchise went kaput once MLB sold out for exclusive licensing.

EA came out with MVP 06 NCAA baseball about a year ago, and I was instantly hooked. The gameplay was phenomenal as always, and the excitement of the college atmosphere was as good as it gets. I started a Dynasty with my Nittany Lions, and played over 4 seasons without so much as getting bored. However, do to a freak PS3 accident, my saved data was corrupted, and my team was lost forever (I was on pace for my first trip to Omaha, go figure).

But last weekend I was home watching my fiancee’s younger brother, who just so happened to have a copy of The Show 07. I checked it out, played a game or two, and was sold. I stole his copy bought a copy of my own and started a Franchise with the Pirates (I hate the DH, and I love that ballpark). Instead of sticking with the default rosters, I went for a good ol’ fantasy draft, where I picked exactly 1 player over 26 years of age (Oswalt).

The Franchise mode is very deep, but to a fault: I’m not really interested in changing ticket prices or managing my advertisements, I just want to play baseball. The controls are good, though the push button batting is…how do you say…outdated. The pitching is the same old meter, which leaves something to be desired. The fielding is decent, though sometimes flyballs can be an adventure. There’s tons of custom animations, if you want to see the Broxton pirouette, it’s there. The Matt Morris bobblehead, it’s there. The Joe Morgan chickenwing, it’s there. Heck, Jeter even holds out his right arm before taking his stance, basically telling the ump “slow down bitch, I ain’t ready yet.”

Some of the player ratings are straight up wrong. Kei Igawa is not better than Dice-K, David Ross is not the best player on the Reds, nor is Anibal Sanchez the Marlins’ best player. Little things like that take away for the game. Oh, and none of the player contracts are correct, they’re basically pulled out of mid air. The minor league stuff is okay, the biggest drawback is the lack of a Single-A level (there’s only AA and AAA).

I’d give it a solid B, there’s a lot of little things that take away from what should be a great game overall. I say wait until you can pick up a used copy for $15.

Steve Phillips still doesn't get it
No, he's not the next Darrell Rasner
  • NBarnes

    If all I have is last generation’s consoles (X-Box, Gamecube, PS2), what’s the best baseball game with a good franchise-ish mode, with rosters and trading and free agents and such?

  • Mike A.

    MVP 2005 by EA, for sure.

    If you have the patience, you can edit the rosters to get them up-to-date (including creating a bunch of players), then begin a Franchise with those rosters.

    Or, you can go on Ebay, play $20 and buy a memory card with the current rosters on them from someone who’s already done it.

  • Jake T.

    I was wondering, as a fellow fan of the MVP games, (Randy on the cover is my favorite, i think it’s 2005) why was Bonds never in the game, and always replaced by a made up player named John Dowd, Millar wasn’t in the game either, and he was replaced by a tall black man with a blond goatee who looked like Butch Henry…Just wondering.

  • Mike A.

    Bonds and Millar aren’t in the Players Union, and a player needs to be in the union to be in any MLB licensed game. They can have their likenesses in the game, ie Dowd and the black guy.

    Bonds opted out of the union after the strike, and Millar was a replacement player – like Cory Lidle -so he can’t be in the union. Brendan Donnelly, Jamie Walker, Shane Spencer and Frank Menechino were replacements players too, and they have a likeness in the game (amongst about 15 others).

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  • Alex H

    It always freezes after a strike and i restart it and it so anoging.How do I stop the freezing.write me back with a answer.

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