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Great quote of the week...
Steve Phillips still doesn't get it

A comment over at YF vs SF got me thinking, how much of the Yanks projected 25-man roster is homegrown, and ditto the Sawx. Based on a quick glance at their respective sites, I came up with the following:

homegrown (Jeter, Mo, Cano, Wang, Posada, Phillips, Melky)
5 traded for
12 free agent signings
1 misc (Josh Phelps, Rule V draft)

homegrown (Hansen, Delcarmen, Pedroia, Papelbon, Lester)
10 traded for
9 free agent signings
1 misc (Kyle Snyder, waiver pickup)

Any Japanese imports were considered free agent signings, not homegrown players (each team had 2 apiece). I had to make some assumptions about the last pieces of the bullpen, so I figured that Villone and Britton would make it for the Yanks, and Delcarmen and Hansen would round out the Sox ‘pen, which increased the amount of homegrown Sox players by 66.7%. I also gave the Sox credit for John Lester, which I consider pretty generous.

I’m a bit shocked that only 5 current Yanks were traded for (Britton, Abreu, A-Rod, Nieves, and Proctor), but the 12 FAs doesn’t strike me as unusual.

So what does this tell me? The Yanks produce stars, the Sox produce mostly borderline major leaguers. There, my logic is flawless.

Great quote of the week...
Steve Phillips still doesn't get it
  • sam

    Although technically true, its hard to think of Jason Varitek as anything but a homegrown sox. He has never had a MLB at bat for any other team. He is the only sox that I actually somewhat respect. I digress…

  • Joseph P.

    Yeah, but he only had 66 AB in the Sox minor league system. I think that with 1,175 ABs in the Mariners system, we can call him a product of their system.

  • Tom

    What about Pettitte for the Yankees? He’s still homegrown even though the Yanks signed him this offseason.

  • Mike A.

    Yeah, Pettitte’s a special case for this “study.” I considered him a FA signing, since he technically was.

    As far as Varitek, Proctor falls into the same category – he was with the Dodgers for nearly 6 years before making his debut with the Yanks.