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  • Moose gave up four hits and two runs in three innings, striking out one, giving up a homer, and walking none. I wish I could have seen the game to see how his fastball looked.
  • Jose Tabata: 2 for 2 with a pair of singles.
  • Reese: 2 for 4, RBI. I think he wants a non-existent spot on the team.
  • Sardinha: 3 for 5, RBI. If said spot existed, I’d give it to Sardinha.
  • Giambi: 1 for 3 with a tater. It was off Hudson, so it’s not like he hit it off a scrub.
  • DeSalvo: 2 IP, 0 ER. He walked two and gave up two hits without striking out any. That worries me.
  • Bean: 2 IP, 0 ER. No walks, two strikeouts. Here goes another year of complaining when he’s passed over for promotion.
  • Basak: 2 for 2. Mike, who the hell is this guy?
  • Build-a-Bullpen
    So it's not exclusive?
  • Mike A.

    Chris Basak is a 29 yr career minor league scrub with a career .730 OPS and 0 ML games under his belt. He spent the last few years with the Mets AAA squad, and was signed basically as a roster filler. He’ll be Scranton’s utility guy if he isn’t cut at the end of camp.

    Colter Bean sucks, a soft-tossing sidearm righthander would last about 2 days in the bigs. People need to get over him. There’s a reason the Red Sox returned him to the Yanks after picking him the Rule V a few years back.

    Glad to see Tabata’s hand is doing well. He, Sardinha and Vech are tearing the cover off the ball this spring.

    I think DeSalvo will have a nice bounceback year. He reminds me of David Cone a bit, because he throws about 20 different pitches from about 15 different arm slots. He’s on my must-watch list.

  • Ben

    On Mussina:

    I watched the first few innings before I had to move the window in the background and actually work today. Mussina was alright. He was missing his spots and pitching stupid. The home run he gave up in the first came on an 0-0 change-up. As Kenny and Al noted during the broadcast, you can’t throw a first-pitch change-up (unless you’re Johan Santana) because it will look like a BP fastball to these hitters. The point of a change-up is to change speeds and look. If you’re not changing it from anything, it’s just a slow fastball.

    Mussina looks like he’s mailing it in this spring, but he always does that during Spring Training. I’m fine with it.

  • Mike A.

    The lay of the land in ST:

    – young pitchers amp it up to try and impress

    – veterans tone it down to avoid injury, and generally just work on fine-tuning their pitches

    I’m sure Moose will be the same old Moose once the season starts.