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My guesses at the Top 100
Isn't it beautiful?

BA released their Top 100 prospects list, with 5 Yankee prospects making the cut:

#4 Phil Hughes (behind Dice-K, Alex Gordon and Delmon Young, just ahead of Homer Bailey)

As good as Chien-Ming Wang has been, this homegrown ace will be even better
Opening Day Age: 20. ETA: 2007

#27 Jose Tabata

Friendly rivalry with Martinez began last season in low Class A and will pick up soon in New York.
Opening Day Age: 18. ETA: 2009

#57 Humberto Sanchez

Key piece to Gary Sheffield trade could help New York as a starter or a reliever this year
Opening Day Age: 24. ETA: 2007

#75 Joba Chamberlain

Highest-drafted Native American ever could be a steal with the 41st overall pick last June
Opening Day Age: 21. ETA: 2008

#100 Dellin Betances

He’s raw, but he also has good stuff and plenty of projection remaining.
Opening Day Age: 19. ETA: 2010

Not a bad job with yesterday’s guesswork I’d say… 

My guesses at the Top 100
Isn't it beautiful?
  • Malcard89

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for this list forever, just like everyone else. Impressive turnout of Yankees this year, but I’m starting to think the Yankees got ripped off on the Gary Sheffield deal. It seems like this elbow problem will be with Humberto Sanchez forever (on the DL 8, EIGHT!!!, times in his career), and i dont have a good feeling about his durability because of it. Is there any hope left for him to become a frontline starter or shutdown Zumaya reliever?

  • Ben

    There’s tons of hope for him, but I would expect the Yanks to view him more as a reliever than a starter. This is idle speculation on my part but I wonder if his stuff and mental makeup could make him a candidate to replace Mariano in a a few years.

    Any thoughts on that one, Mike?

  • Mike A.

    He’s got the stuff, but millions of guys have had the stuff but flamed out nonetheless. They should let him start this year, see what happens, and go from there.

    Personally, I think it’s 75-25 he’ll end up in the pen, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If the Yanks could trot out an end game foursome of Sanchez, Cox, Whelan and Melancon in a couple of years, forget about it, you can go home after the 5th.

  • Malcard89

    Very true about the potentially incredible pen, but if he’s pitching 30 innings of 2.40 ERA shutout ball per year as a reliever and constantly getting injured, you’d much rather have someone who can give 80 innings of 3.50 ERA ball like Scott Proctor. The Yankees really oughta tell him to lose weight and strengthen his elbow through some rehab.

    By the way, with the MVN format switch, the Sanchez, Melancon, and Whelan profiles cant be accessed anymore. Any chance you saved them on your computer, Mike?