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Today's box score
Red Sox looking at Benitez?

The draft for the Yanksblog.com Yankees Bloggers Fantasy League was held yesterday, and here’s who I ended up with:

(Round 1, Pick 2): Jose Reyes
2/19: Grady Sizemore
3/22: Jason Bay
4/39: Joe Nathan
5/42: Francisco Rodriguez
6/59: John Smoltz
7/62: Felix Hernandez
8/79: Daisuke Matsuzaka
9/82: Cole Hamels
10/102: Delmon Young
11/112: Russ Martin
12/119: Tad Iguchi
13/122: Chipper Jones
14/139: Pat Burrell
15/142: Derek Lowe
16/159: Jonathan Broxton
17/162: Conor Jackson
18/179: Chris Duffy
19/182: Edgar Renteria
20/199: Chad Tracy
21/202: BJ Upton

It’s your garden variety basic fantasy league – head-to-head competition in 5 hitting and 5 pitching categories. I got stuck with the second overall pick, and had originally planned to take a masher. I ultimately decided against it, because stolen bases, or lack thereof, has killed me in years past, plus HR and RBI are typically easier to find in the land of fantasy baseball.

I horded closers, landing the 2 best fantasy end game arms (and I’m hoping Broxton takes over in LA in the not-to-distant future), and also managed to steal Cole Hamels in the ninth round. I planned on loading up with youngsters (I am the minor league guy here after all), but apparently everyone else had the same idea. I did manage to get Delmon Young, but I lost out on Stephen Drew, Howie Kendrick, and Troy Tulowitzki. I took a wait and see approach with Tim Lincecum, which ultimately lead to me waiting to see Joe take him in the 18th Round.

Here’s what I’m thinking in the 10 categories:

Reyes and Duffy might combine for 120 steals by themselves, but I’ve got some backup in Sizemore and Bay, who could steal 20+ each. I’m not sweating this category.

Grady and Reyes are going to give me 250+, which should help me handle slackers like Burrell and Chipper. Renteria will give me a nice boost in spot starts.

I might have some trouble here, but if Bay and Burrell combine for 60, Jackson-Chipper-Sizemore combine for another 60, and Iguchi-Reyes-Martin-Young pop another 60, I should be in good shape. Whatever Tracy and Upton give me off the bench is a bonus in my eyes.

Burrell and Bay are good for 100+ each, but after that I’ve got a bunch of 70-85 RBI guys. I’ve got to hope either Delmon takes off, Chipper bounces back, or Grady goes nuts. Hey, there’s always free agency.

I’ll get by. Iguchi really propped me up last year, and I’m hoping he’ll do the same this year. In a week-by-week league, this category is nothing more than “who’s players are the hottest right now.”

I’ve got this category in the bag. Smoltz, Hernandez, Hamels and Dice-K could K 180+ each, plus I’ll get the equivalent of another starter worth of K’s out of Nathan and K-Rod, then there’s Broxton. Unlike Wanger, Lowe might actually contribute here.

Eh, wins are overrated. I grabbed Lowe for the sole purpose of wins, and Smoltzie should get a couple more W’s just because he actually has a bullpen this year. Hopefully this is Felix’s year. And Hamels is for real.

I almost felt bad taking the 2 best fantasy closers less than 5 picks apart, but it had to be done. I’m going to scour the waiver wire and FA pool for a third guy, but like I said earlier, I’m hoping Broxton takes over in Chavez Ravine by May.

Lowe will hurt here as a sinkerballer, but Nathan’s brilliance will make up for it. One bad outing can kill you here, and with youngsters like Hamels and Hernandez, I could have to bear some stinkers.

Sub-4’s from almost everyone is a very real possibility, plus the closer corps will help this down. I think.

I’ve won my league 2 of the last 3 years, and I was but a SB away from the finals last year, and I’m hoping my track record shows that I actually have an idea of what I’m doing. I didn’t use any cheat sheets, I based it all on my gut, just like every year.

This should be fun. (can the damn season start already!)

Today's box score
Red Sox looking at Benitez?
  • http://www.yanksblog.com Patrick

    Good idea on the team analysis, I think I am going to do this for my team, as well.

    Looking forward to the season starting, as well.

  • http://highandtight.blogspot.com Mr. Faded Glory

    Closers are a dime a dozen, and the fantasy points between them is not dramatic. Nobody should be drafting two closers that high.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Saves are a dime a dozen, closers with 14 Kper9 and sub-1 WHIPS on contending teams are not.

    And if nothing else, I’ve got a hell of a trade chip in K-Rod.