I talk, the Yankees listen

BTF Season Preview
Yankees 10, Indians 3

Who did I say was a potential scrap heap steal a couple weeks ago? Who did the Yankees sign?

Check out his numbers, every year was damn good, except last. There’s talent in there, somewhere.

As far as the rest of the moves, I’d absolutely take a flier on Dan Haigwood, who was DFA’ed by the Rangers. Not much else that’s noteworthy.

BTF Season Preview
Yankees 10, Indians 3
  • Jon

    Not a bad pickup, although no matter how good he is he’ll always be the 2nd most famous Robert Zimmerman.

  • John

    What level will Zimmerman be assigned to?

  • http://riveravblues.com Mike A.

    No idea, but I’m guessing Trenton, where he’ll take Chase Wright’s roster spot (not rotation spot, just roster spot).

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