King: Torre’s job in jeopardy

A thought on tonight's loss
Igawa fuels Yanks victory

So it looks like seven losses in a row — four of them to the Red Sox — were enough to bring out the ire in George Steinbrenner. George King reports today in The Post that the Boss is considering replacing Torre. Over at ESPN, Buster Olney believes this report to be coming from the mouths of influential higher-ups in the Yankee organization. In other words, the Yanks better start winning of Torre wants to stick around much past April this year.

A thought on tonight's loss
Igawa fuels Yanks victory
  • Stuart

    I vknow his pinch running moves and the battin of Minky are a little stragne but really they are being overwhelmed right now.

    they cannot get any lenght out of there starters.

    would firing Torre really be in the best interest short and long term of the Yanks? I say no. They need to get Moose, and the gang pitching league average and then they can stabilize. If they cannot win the division then they still have the wildcard.

    They need to relax, circle the wagons and try some different players. I beleive they should not do anything drastic but try the Brittons, and others of there minor leagues…

    If there starting pitching does not improve to league average they are toast…

  • Jesse G.

    I really hope Torre is fired. I know that sounds extreme but he has been awful for at least the last two years and thus far this year. I mean the Yankees have four relievers in the top ten in appearances. Most would say that is due to the starters’ poor performance. While that is clearly a part of the problem, Torre has been managing all month as if we are in October. Sometimes you just have to let your starters have a really bad outing instead of burning out all of your relievers to keep the games close.

    Also, in my opinion, batting Doug Mientkiewicz second in the lineup when you have at least four better options should be, in and of itself, a firing offense. Seriously, has Torre made one non-obvious move this year that made any sense? And going back to Mientkiewicz, I realize that Cashman must be somewhat involved in deciding who is on the team and who is in the minors but how can Andy Philips not have taken Mientkiewicz’s roster spot yet?

  • Basura

    For everyone wanting Torre fired, who do you replace him with and how does that help the starting pitchers do better and go longer?

    People fixating on Mientkiewicz are like people complaining about the frame of the Mona Lisa.

    It’s the pitching. How many times have leads been given up?

    I say keep Torre.

  • Ben

    Comparing this Yankee team right now to the Mona Lisa is fairly laughable. The Mona Lisa is a masterpiece in the annals of art. This Yankee team has the third-worst record in baseball, and like it or not, Doug Mientkiewicz is a big part of that.

  • Jesse G.

    Who would I want to replace him? I can’t give you a specific name but anyone who knows how to manage a bullpen. I mean, really, managing pitchers is arguably the most important part of a manager’s job.

  • Malcard89

    Joe Girardi! I mean the guy did great with the Marlins last year. and for those that are worried he has “too much energy” for a team of veterans, the direction of this team, starting with wang, cano, melky, and hughes, is to get younger little by little, so what better long term solution than him?

  • Malcard89

    and minky really is a devastating blow to this lineup everyday, dont the WPA graphs prove it?

  • Joseph P.

    I’d promote Mattingly and sit Girardi next to him.

  • Jake T

    I agree with promoting Mattingly, but i would worry about Giradi who is so young and clearly wants to be a manager having trouble being the sesond guy.

  • Jesse G.

    OK, Torre just called a hit and run with first and second and one out. How many times can he kill this team. It’s only April.

  • Jb

    Ortiz: Igawa’s was nothing special.

    He was all right. Nothing special,” Ortiz said. “He was throwing a lot of hittable pitches, but we were just not hitting it.”

    this coming from the guy who hit into 2 Double Plays.

    Hey big papi, dice-k was nothing special either.

    i hope wang makes him hit his heavy sinkers right into the ground tomorrow

  • mg

    Cashman got taken to the cleaners in RJ trade

    Steven Jackson is horrible at AAA ball with an ERA over 7.

    Ohlendorf is also awful at AAA ball.

    Vizcaino has been brutal with the Yanks.

    Thanks for nothing, Cashman.

  • yankz

    Yeah, because Johnson’s been tearing it up this year. Five whole innings and an ERA of 39! Plus his leadership in the clubhouse is sorely missed.

  • Joseph P.

    I don’t see how Ohlendorf is awful. This is Jackson’s first year at AAA. Viz will have his ups and downs with the Yanks.

    RJ would just be giving us more fits of bad and short starting pitching.