Minor league transactions

Yanks open with a win, 9-5
And we thought Carl Pavano was bad

One of my favorite things to do twice a month is scroll through Baseball America’s minor league transactions page. It’s always fun to see where former Yankees are currently finding/losing employment (Travis Lee was signed and released by the Nats so fast that both moves show up on the same page), as well as scroll around for potential scrap heap pickups, like sinkerballing reliever Bob Zimmermann, who the Angels just cut loose.

Anywho, here’s some highlights from the most recent set of moves:

  • The Yanks cut ties with LHPs Abel Gomez and RJ Swindle, OFer Estee Harris, and 1B Karl Amonite. They also marked the end of an era by releasing OF Jon Poterson.

  • Pence, Garza and Hirsch were released, but not the Pence, Garza and Hirsch you’re thinking of. Both Howard Pence and Mario Garza are now former employees of the Houston Astros, ditto Justin Garza and Matt Hirsch, formerly of the Cards.
  • One time great Yankee prospects Ed Yarnall and Brandon Weeden were dumped by the Royals.
  • The Mariners cut Stan Posluszny, the older brother of Penn State ‘backer and imminent first round pick Paul Posluszny.
  • Fernando Valenzuela Jr. was shown the door by the ChiSox.
  • Randall “beat the sausage” Simon couldn’t make it with the Phigthins’.
  • The Angels showed the Bambino the door, C Richard Bambino that is.
  • Three years ago Mike Koplove and Felix Rodriguez were 2 of the premier setup arms in the NL, now they’ve both got a set of walking papers from the Marlins.
  • And finally, I’d be remiss to point out that Felix “striking out David Ortiz once was the highlight of my career” Heredia was released by the Tigers.
Yanks open with a win, 9-5
And we thought Carl Pavano was bad