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Tonight's lineup

So I’m digging through the pitch-by-pitch recap of last night’s game, and I noticed something: of the 7 hits Hughes gave up, only 1 came after he was ahead in the count – Frank Thomas’ single in the first, which came after Hughes had the Big Hurt down 1-2 in the count earlier in the at bat. What does that mean? Two things actually:

  1. He needs to do a better job of getting ahead in the count (duh, that’s pretty much the key to being an effective pitcher), and
  2. He knows how to put guys away with 2 strikes.

Most young pitchers have trouble putting guys away with 2 strikes, often nibbling at the corners when they should be attacking the zone. Heck, some young guys don’t even have a legit put-away pitch, which often leads to their downfall. Hughes didn’t show that tendency last night, which obviously is a positive.

It looks like Hughes’ next 2 starts will be at Texas on Tuesday, then home against the Mariner’s next Saturday. The Rangers and Mariners both have lineups full of undisciplined hitters (both clubs have a team OBP of .304, tied for second worst in the bigs), and if Phil can keep up his “get ahead and finish’em off” routine, and limit how much he falls behind in the count, these next 2 starts could do wonders for his confidence. Assuming they keep him in the rotation of course…

Thank you!
Tonight's lineup
  • Jb

    According to SI Jon Heyman, Knicks Owner Jim Dolan interested buying the Yankees possibly heir to throne If George’s planning to sell it.


    In other News – Around the Majors

    • The Yankees were right the first time. Phil Hughes isn’t ready. Hughes was given decent reviews for his debut. But he faced a Toronto lineup in the 6-0 defeat that didn’t include Troy Glaus or Reed Johnson, and as the New York Post’s Joel Sherman pointed out on his blog, Hughes held Adam Lind, Jason Smith and Jason Phillips to 0-for-7 with all five strikeouts but allowed the more accomplished six hitters to go 7-for-13.

    • And even when Hughes is ready, he’s still no Homer Bailey.

    It will be a Nightmare if Dolan become Owner of the Yankeees. Jim Dolan is the worst owner in all of sports….

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Thank god Heyman wasn’t around when Hughes got promoted to AA last year and had a few rough starts. What a load of crap. Let’s send him back to AAA where he’ll face nothing but the bottom half of the Jays lineup. Yeah, that’ll teach him how to get Vernon Wells and Frank Thomas out, that’s the ticket.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I thought Justice made a good pt after the game on YES re Well’s double in the first. Posada had the kid throw a fastball, in a fastball count, to a fastball hitter. Grant, Hughes left it over the plate, rather than getting it in on the hands the way Posada had set up, but still. Justice’s point was that Posada should’ve called for the curve.

  • ShawnT

    Not trying make a comparison (as much as id love to think about it) but bot clemens and nolan ryan gave up 4 runs in they’re first start, and to think clemens might possibly be hughes teammate in the near future. WOW

  • ShawnT

    o and no way is steinbrenner selling this team to dolan, and BA disagrees with u that Homer Bailey is better

  • Mike A.

    Homer Bailey has better stuff than Hughes – he throws harder and his curve is better – but his control and poise are nowhere near Hughes level.