The Abreu effect


Peter Abraham has an interesting piece up on the effect Bobby Abreu has had on Alex Rodriguez in the Yankee lineup. It seems that Abreu’s presence in front of Rodriguez has greatly helped the Yanks’ oft-beleaguered third baseman. I want to look at this more in depth later to see how Abreu stacks up with Sheffield in the three hole in A-Rod‘s other years, but it’s an interesting find from Pete.

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  • Deric

    I don’t buy this kinda of theory. It would have been the same effect if you put A-Rod in front of Abreu. This kinda players is just gonna make everyone better.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

    Buy it or not, it has merit. Hitters tend to hit better when players with high OBAs hit in front of them (contrary to the “protection” theory). It’s a combination of the pitcher throwing more pitches (both tiring him out and allowing the subsequent hitters to see him more) and having more runners on base (hence, no place to put him). Dave Pinto at Baseball Musings conducted research to this effect some years ago.

  • Deric

    You may be right. However, it isn’t the case in here. This is just not true and it makes no sense.