• http://riveravblues.com Mike A.

    That is one ugly pitching line. And I know who it is, but I’ll give the others a chance.

  • yankz

    Jeff Weaver?

  • adam

    there must be a lot of glove eating going on in seattle in this year.


  • http://riveravblues.com Mike A.

    And just think, he’s only costing the Mariners nearly 20 times what they’re paying Felix!

  • pb

    Scott Proctor vs. the Red Sox


    25 appearances

    26.1 innings
    36 hits
    23 earned runs
    8 walks
    17 strikeouts
    7 home runs
    7.86 ERA

    I agree with Peter with this One. Redsox owned Proctor…

    Questions for Joe Torre

    1) Why Joe pull Wang at 84 pitches?

    2) Why pitch Proctor against the Redsox when He had 7 era
    3) Why was abreu bunting? Why in this game? Why in the prior games?

  • mg

    From WikiPedia

    Papelbon was drafted in the fourth round in 2003, a year after the Athletics picked him in the 40th round. He did not sign because he wanted one more year in college to pitch and a chance to get to the College World Series, which his team failed to do. The Phillies had called him in round six to ask if he’d sign if they drafted him, but he rejected the offer. Finally, the Red Sox drafted him the next year in the fourth round.

    Did Cashman and his scouts made mistake for not drafting Papelbon in 2004 draft in the fourth round? What kind of player did Yankees draft in 2004 ? Does anyone know? Thanks

  • http://riveravblues.com Mike A.

    ***What kind of player did Yankees draft in 2004 ? Does anyone know? Thanks***

    They drafted this kind of player in 2004.

    And Paps was drafted in the 4th round of 2003. The Yanks drafted Steven White in the 4th round of ’03, but Paps was off the board by then. They had taken Tim Battle in the 3rd round.

    If you’re going to look back at the players the Yankees didn’t take in the draft, you’ll go nuts…

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben


    ENOUGH. What does Proctor vs. the Red Sox have to do with Jeff Weaver? Why are you quoting wikipedia to us? We know you’re the same person and it’s starting to wear thin.

    Please keep comments on topic. We’re getting really tired of asking that.

  • mg

    Sorry It’s my fault, I was asking some yankees questions.

  • mg

    I meant to say What kind of player did Yankees draft in 2004 in fourth round?