Yankees X, Athletics X+1

Everyday Scotty
Chase Wright: Clearly not the best option

Player WPA pLI Pitcher WPA pLI
Posada .239 1.22 Pettitte .155 0.85
Alex .108 1.18 Proctor .098 1.24
Damon .070 1.19 Mo -.898 1.84
Giambi .047 1.04
Melky .005 1.21
Jeter -.010 1.47
Minky -.062 1.36
Cano -.088 1.48
Abreu -.165 1.52

Well, at least no tabloid stooped to the “Mo isn’t Mr. Automatic anymore” bit.

In the long run, that loss won’t kill the Yanks. In the short term, however, it really stings. Twice they were just a strike away from winning, and twice the at bat ended in disappointment. I could probably gush for hours about it, but since it was just a freak occurrence, I’ll just leave it be. Hopefully we can look back on this in September and laugh.

I wish I had more as far as a recap goes, but sadly I don’t. Some crappy defense by Jeter cost them a run in the first, and Mientkiewicz’s slow ass cost them a run — or at least a run-scoring situation — in the sixth. Okay, fine: it was more the favorable rebound off the wall that cost them a run. But if that’s anyone but Minky or Giambi at third, that run scores and you still have Alex up with a man on. Thankfully, he, Giambi, Posada, Cano, and Melky rendered that moot the next inning, plating three runs to take the lead.

I have to admit, I tuned out for portions in the middle of the game. It was seriously frustrating. Before the seventh inning, the Yankees failed to have more than four hitters complete at bats. That happened seven times for the Athletics, as they only put something together in the first and ninth innings.

Having a day off today is a good thing. Beyond the apparently devastating rainfall (that has cancelled work for both of my roommates), it’s really tough to watch a game following a weekend series like that. All three games were winnable, and I’m just glad we didn’t get swept. I don’t know if it’s the worst part or the best part, but we could have swept them, too.

Baseball is a funny game.

Everyday Scotty
Chase Wright: Clearly not the best option
  • Richard C

    Please!! What the hell is a WPA? And pLI?

    Please explain this technical stuff to us every once in awhile.

    Thanks…..great job…..keep it up.

    GO YANKEES!!!!!