• http://www.robjules.com Rob

    You read my mind about Vizcaino! Apparently Torre wants to set some kind of record with 4 relievers making 100 appearances each!

  • http://www.yanksblog.com James Varghese

    Even after the 3-4 by Melky so far today and the 2-4 by Matsui (though he’s DHing), I’d be interested to see the total offensive numbers for the Yankees outfield. We all know Melky’s been sucky and that Abreu has been stinking it up…Damon’s been pretty brutal too. I’d be interested to see just how bad it has been – anyone happen to have the numbers handy?

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben


    Here’s what I’ve got coming in to this game today:

    Yankee LF: .202/.270/.258 with 1 HR
    Yankee CF: .213/.327/.298 with 1 HR
    Yankee RF: .247/.350/.299 with 1 HR

    That’s pretty miserable.

  • http://www.yanksblog.com James Varghese

    Wow. That’s just awful to look at. Well, it can’t possibly get worse than that, right? (I’m knocking on wood while throwing salt over my shoulder as I write this).

    Thanks for the info Ben

  • NYFan50

    It’s no surprise. Torre hasn’t been able to manage the bullpen since the turnkey Nelson/Stanton/Rivera trio broke up.