Almost perfect


It is incredibly tense to be sitting at Yankee Stadium during the 8th inning of a perfect game. When Ben Broussard launched that home run, the Stadium collectively sighed in disappointment and then gave Chien Ming Wang one of the best standing ovations in a long time. Why Joe Torre uses Brian Bruney in the 9th inning of a six-run game but not in the 5th yesterday is well beyond me.

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  • dan

    I don’t know why that’s beyond you. haven’t we established that joe shouldnt be managing this team? its completely expected that joe would do something like that. (and is his answer to the josh phelps lack of playing time grumblings pinch running with him for giambi?)

  • NYFan50

    In other good news (sorry guys, best place I could find to leave this comment and figured you’d want to know), the MRI on Hughes was “better than expected”, according to CBS Sportsline.