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Blown call the least of the Yankee problems tonight
Bill Simmons: big fucking hack

I guess I need to check my work. Here’s Kyle’s breakdown when pitching back-to-back days last year:

April 4; April 5 – 1 ER
April 14; April 15 – 0 ER
April 26; April 27 – 0 ER
May 15; May 16 – 0 ER
May 23; May 24 – 0 ER
May 28; May 29 – 0 ER; May 30 – 1 ER (but that’s the third day)
June 1; June 2 – 0 ER
June 27; June 28 – 0 ER
July 7; July 8 – 0 ER; July 9 – 0 ER (third day in a row with no earned runs)
July 18; July 19 – 0 ER
August 8; August 9 – 4 ER (shoulda checked my work before I posted that)
September 16; September 17 – 1 ER

Okay, so I missed three games: April 5, August 9 (and how could I forget THAT game?), and September 17. That’s 12 appearances (apparently I did count the third straight days in my initial count – apologies again), and only thrice did he allow a run.

Maybe it’s not as appalling as I had made it out to be at first. But looking at this, would you say he’s had trouble pitching back-to-back days? I wouldn’t. He did it nine straight times before August 9. That’s where the myth began, I believe, since it only happened once the rest of the season.

One again, apologies for rushing that post up without checking my work. I still think I have a valid point, though not as emphatic as I thought it was yesterday.

Blown call the least of the Yankee problems tonight
Bill Simmons: big fucking hack
  • Mike

    I’ve been waiting for someone else to highlight this fact. For some reason its “common knowledge” that Kyle Farnsworth shouldn’t be used on back to back days, while “Every Day” Scott Proctor should.

    Last season, Proctor had a 4.86 ERA pitching on 0 days rest, and a 2.39 ERA pitching on 1 days rest. This season its 5.40 on 0 days rest, and 3.60 on 1 days rest.

    Farnsworth was 5.11 on 0 days rest (no doubt skewed by that 1 outing) and 7.71 on 1 days rest. Better still, he was 2.35 on 2 days rest. This year his splits are 4.50/19.29/0.00.

    So the best statistical usage patterns for these two relievers would be Farnsworth back to back, then 2 days off, and Proctor Every other day.

    Also interesting is that Vizcaino has a 1.12 Era with exactly 1 day of rest. And has been awful in every other situation.

    * Note that these are all fairly small sample sizes as I’ve only included stats accumulated while each of these pitchers were Yankees Relievers.