Blown call the least of the Yankee problems tonight

Down on the Farm
Apologies for the misleading information


Willie Bloomquist said it best. “We’ll take it,” he said. “It’s just a good thing there’s no instant replay in baseball.” Which, of course, raises the obvious question: Why is baseball so averse to instant replay?

Meanwhile, Peter Abraham notes that the umpire admitted his mistake. “I kicked the shit out of it,” Gerry Davis said. He ought to be suspended for this call. It’s an inexcusable inability to do his job.

If the baseball powers-that-be had any sense of justice, they would order this game replayed from the top of the 8th without the blind Gerry Davis on the field. But that won’t happen. So what can we do (other than tar and feather Mr. Davis)?

The truth is, the Yankees managed to put 14 runners on base but eked across just two runs. You can blame a bad call for the blown game. Sure, the bad didn’t help. But I want to blame Bobby Abreu.

Bobby Abreu, who hasn’t hit lower than 3rd since April 20th. Bobby Abreu who is 12 for 67 (.179) with 4 RBIs since April 20th. Bobby Abreu who left seven runs on and struck out looking in the bottom of the 9th with the tying run 180 feet from the plate. Bobby Abreu who shouldn’t be batting third and yet keeps landing there because of the Joe Torre’s pencil can’t figure out a way to get Hideki Matsui or Jorge Posada into that three hole. Hell, at this point, Doug Mientkiewicz is hitting .100 points better than Bobby Abreu since April 20th. Someone wake up the sleeping manager.

But blown calls and missed opportunities aside, I want to leave you with one question that has to be asked: Now can we start worrying about Mariano Rivera?

Down on the Farm
Apologies for the misleading information
  • Stuart

    that picture shows just how out the guy was..

    the ump basically said he thought based on tagging him on the tush his hands must have been in, the guy makes calls without seeing it but based on supposed events.

    what a joke…………….

  • Zack

    IIRC, Bobby hit leadoff one game. Was that the same game Giambi hit third, or did Bobby also get bumped once? Either way, he has to be hitting in the 6 spot at least, theres no excuse. if Joe could bump A-Rod to 8th for far less, then he sure as heck can drop Bobby down for a month, he’s killing us right now.

    I refuse to be worried about Mo until at least June, if not July. its been a really fluky year so far in terms of getting him innings, it seems like he’s come into every game on 4 days rest or more. His velocity is fine but his control randomly flys off, which suggests one of three things: mechanics, rust, or age. I prefer to believe its one of the first two, as the knowledge that the first thing to go is usually control for power pitchers will safely stay at the back of my mind for a few more months…

  • Zack

    Nevermind, I just saw that you wrote “lower than third,” so ignore my first sentence

  • John

    I agree about Abreu needing to bat lower. That doesn’t mean I blame him for having the same sort of slump that every other player in the major leagues is going to have this year.
    I do blame Torre for batting him third, but I wonder if Arod’s early comments about how great it is hitting behind Abreu makes Joe reluctant to move Bobby.
    I don’t worry about Mo this season. I worry about Mo this offseason, if he continues to struggle all season (unlikely, and yet he’s allowed 10 runs already when he allowed 18 all last year). He didn’t get that contract extention for a reason…

  • Mike A.

    While I’m frustrated over the call, it is part of the game. It’s no different than if he would have been out by half-an-inch (where it’s easier to understand the error), but because he was out by 3 feet, we want the game replayed. It was a human error, and they’ve been part of the game for 100 years. It’s part of what makes baseball great.

    That said, the original D-Mat needs to get out of the dugout and get in the ump’s face on that one. He wouldn’t get the call overturned, but at least he’d show some support of his team.

    Bobby Abreu sucks.

    Mo’s okay, I’m not worried. Jorge wanted the pitch inside and Mo put it there. Beltre hit the pitch they called, hats off to him. I do think it was a bad idea to throw inside to an absolute hacker like Beltre, he probably would have chased fastballs outside on 3 straight pitches. Such is life.

  • Ed

    When we were watching the game on Sunday we all said that we should have seen mariano pitch. Do you think this is a greater problem than getting regular work?

    I know that he has had slow starts since he gave up his winter throwing program but it is beginning to get later and later. We are 6 games back and we have 3 blown saves by Mariano.

    There is really no way to replace him is there? I mean people are screaming about the desparation moves to allow Hughes up so early and the Rocket Relaunch, what would the reaction be like if we attempted to somehow replace Mariano? (which I don’t think we can do!)

    I think we just need to give him regular work and hope everything straightens out, because really what else can we do?

  • Rob

    The offensive ineptitude was irritating. Bobby’s slump is amazingly bad. The blown call was infuriating.


    Mo was pitching well right up until the moment Beltre (?) made contact with that pitch. How he drove it over the wall is beyond me (it was ~93mph up around his shoulders). Sigh.

  • Rob

    The amazing thing is the angle of the camera replay showing the missed call was directly over the right shoulder of the umpire, showing he had a direct view of the tag out. So who knows how he missed that call. Frustrating as hell.

  • John

    I’m not worried about Mo yet. Depending on how you’re adjusting the ESPN gun to reality, he was hitting 95-96 regularly. He dominated Sexon with three nasty pitches and got a vintage Mariano groundball for out number two. Even the pitch that Beltre hit didn’t appear to be a bad pitch: 95 mph and according to K-Zone it was perfectly in the upper inside part of the zone, not a meaty fastball out over the plate. Perhaps it was still a mistake, but I was amazed that Beltre was able to to turn on it like he did.

  • John L.

    For clarification, the John from post #4 and the me, the John from post #9, aren’t the same guy. I’ve changed my name to avoid future confusion…. sorry.

  • Rob

    I’m not worried about Mo, he doesn’t get any regular work and it defintely effects him. Once he gets in the groove of being used a few times a week instead of having 4 days off between outings, he’ll be fine. His speed is back up where it should be and it’s his location that has clearly been off. I’m still blaming the lack of work for that.

  • Rob

    That’s funny, John, because we’ve got two Rob’s in this thread too. The one above and me are not the same guy. Ditto on our back-to-back posts above. Heh.

    Maybe I’ll add the usual “in CT” to my nick…

  • RobinCT


  • Rob

    Ut-oh RobinCt, I’m the other Rob and I’m also in CT. Maybe I’ll put RobinCt#2 for my name. This is quite the conundrum!

  • Marsha

    Regarding Mike A.’s comment about Mattingly–that’s why I don’t want to see Mattingly as the next Yankee manager among other reasons. I never got the impression that he was the sharpest crayon in the box.

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