That one word summarizes tonight’s game which I had the distinct pleasure of watching from the Upper Deck at Yankee Stadium. If the Bombers can’t find it within themselves to beat Julian Tavarez, what does that say about the team? This evening’s game against Curt Schilling is about as big a must-win as a team can have at the end of May. More later today. I’m quite discouraged.

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  • Luddy Bazcej

    Any repercussions if they lose tonight?

  • Ct Rob

    How can they only manage 4 hits last night? That was just awful.
    One thing I was really surprised at was Mussina pitching into the 7th, who I can’t remember the last time he went that deep. Though Crisp was clearly out at 2nd, I would have pulled him there. Of all the pitchers that Torre suddenly decided to let pitch deeper into a game and reserve the pen a bit, he chose Moose? He arguably has the worst stuff on the staff, I mean his fastball was topping off at 88!! He was almost over 90 pitches at the time and yes he had settled down from the earlier innings, but it was strange to see Torre not managing that game as a must win, when in fact it probably was more of one than any other game thus far this season. Why push the envelope with Moose. Just didn’t get that.
    His pitching moves continue to puzzle me.