Get that man out of the two hole

Down on the Farm
This has got to turn around at some point, right?

That was one uninspiring effort by the Yanks tonight and another unnecessarily quick Darrell Rasner hook by Joe Torre. Furthermore, Joe decided to bench the Yankees’ hottest hitter — Doug Mientkiewicz — in favor of Josh Phelps. Torre wouldn’t play Phelps when Mientkiewicz was struggling, but now that Doug is smokin’ the ball, Torre decides he needs a night off? That’s brilliant.

This team is floundering right now. They’ve dipped back to two games under .500, and Roger Clemens isn’t going to be the answer. As we’ve mentioned over the last few days, we’re less than enamored with Bobby Abreu. While the Yanks sadly won’t be trading or replacing Abreu any time soon, something’s gotta give. The two hole just isn’t the answer for Abreu.

Tonight marked the third game in which Abreu hit second. He is now a whopping 1 for 12 in the two hole and has reached base once batting in front of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. Meanwhile, Jeter, in the same stretch of games, is 5 for 9 but never gets to bat with anyone on base in front of him.

Bobby Abreu in the two hole is solving nothing, and Oblivious Joe will just keep filling out that lineup card day after day in such a way that makes it impossible for the Yanks to score runs. Nothing new. Nothing to see here. Just another loss.

Down on the Farm
This has got to turn around at some point, right?
  • Tiz_Me

    Maybe putting Posada infront of Jeter will work better,then we will have the 3 Yankees who have been actually hitting POSADA,JETER,AROD all in a row!!

  • rbizzler

    If you are not going to play Phelps against a lefty whom he has had success against (6 for 19 w/ 2 2b’s) then why have him on the roster?

    What’s up with your newfound love for Minky? I thought kittens died when he got AB’s. I am frustrated with the team too, but it seems like you are playing both sides of the street here. Rip Joe for sticking with Minky until he gets hot, then rip Joe for playing Phelps when it was actually a good spot for him to hit (it is never a good spot for him defensively).

    The only warranted Joe criticism may be in that he should have DH’ed Phelps after Giambi was scratched and played Minky for his glove. Joe thought it was better to get Damon a day off in center (one of the negatives of having an older team).

    Oh, that and the quick hook for Rasner. Not sure what that is all about.

  • Ben

    I have no problem with Doug Mientkiewicz personally. I just had an issue, as I said, with Torre’s using him non-stop as he struggled. Now that he’s hitting, I’m all for using him all the time. As for those 19 at bats that Phelps had against Washburn, that’s just too small a sample size.

  • rbizzler

    The problem is that if you initially had your way, Minky would be a two or three inning player right now. He went from killing kittens to being an integral part of the everyday lineup all because Torre stuck with him. I am not really a Torre apologist, but you have to see at least the slightest bit of irony in the evolution of your feelings about Minky.

    And without a bit of sarcasm, I ask you what would be an appropriate sample size by which past history should be judged. 19 AB’s against the same guy seems like enough to establish a good deal of familiarity with a pitcher’s repertoire and tendencies.

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