Giambi to the DL

RAB Exclusive: Interview with Keith Law
Down on the Farm

We’ve been calling for it for weeks, and now it’s reality. Doctors found a “tear of the plantar fascia in his left foot.” He won’t even be checked out again for another three weeks.

No word yet on who will fill his role. Speculation early today was that Matt DeSalvo would be optioned back to AAA in favor of a reliever — likely Chris Britton. Does this change things? Would the Yankees consider carrying 13 pitchers to Fenway? It wouldn’t make much sense to me.

Right now, we’re looking at a handful of possibilities. I’ll list them in order of probability: Kevin Thompson, Andy Phillips, Shelly Duncan, Eric Duncan. Problem is, the latter three would have to be added to the 40-man roster. Though, that might not be a problem, since the team can likely stick Phil Hughes on the 60-day DL.

More as we hear it. Pete Abe speculates that this means Damon DHs more, meaning Melky in center. That would mean a KT call-up, since he’s the best option as a replacement outfielder. If Damon is going to continue playing the field, look for Phillips.

Update by Ben: And let me preemptively say that Bernie is not coming back. It’s not an option; it wouldn’t help the team; don’t even mention it.

Update by Joe: It’s Thompson.

RAB Exclusive: Interview with Keith Law
Down on the Farm
  • John

    But Bernie would be so great. A .300 career hitter, all those homers; he’s so clutch. He’ll be Comeback Player of the Year. Maybe even MVP.

  • NYFan

    SteveL said Shelly Duncan is being called up.

  • dan

    Whos SteveL? shelly has no place on this team. his role would be similar to that of giambi, which made the team extremely inflexible. I don’t know anything about shelly, but he’s not a better fielder than minky and hes not a better hitter than phelps. call up thompson in the situation you said, with melky playing cf, and then make some changes to the bullpen… ahem vizcaino.

  • dan

    pete abe update…

  • Sal

    i know i am gonna catch heat for this…but why not give Andy Phillips another shot? he is tearing up the minors right now. maybe catch lightning in a bottle until Giambi comes back.

  • Marsha

    Bernie, Bernie.

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