Indefensible defense

Down and down they go
Down on the Farm

Johnny Damon dropped a ball over the wall for a two-run home run. Capping off a three-error day, Robinson Cano threw a ball off of his own leg. While only one of the Mets’ ten runs was unearned, teams that play such a sloppy defense aren’t going to win games. I wonder if someone other than Jorge Posada will step up to lead this team. I wonder if Joe Torre has ever heard of a late-inning defensive replacement. Why else is Miguel Cairo on this team?

Down and down they go
Down on the Farm
  • Rick

    Cano was terrible on the field, just plain awful.

    The Damon play was tough, he was right their and he nearly had it but it bounce off the heel of his glove, so I can’t kill him in that spot.

    Cano was awful, just awful.

    Ben could you shut with Miguel Cairo comming in the game please. You hate Cairo just like me and now you want him, please.

  • adam

    yeah man, if cairo was put into the game as a defensive replacement, and then he came up in a big spot in the 9th, you would be calling for torre’s head. i agree that torre should go, but that was a weak argument.

  • Stuart

    man is this a pro Yankee site. your solutions are just standard knee jerk dribble.

    Damons ball hit the heal of his glove then when he hit the wall it went over, he should have made the play but it was a difficult play.

    Can you tell me a blog for the Yanks were the conversation is non hysterical and reasonable???

    they were like 2 for 15 with RISP.

    things are not going well, this does remind me of 78, they had alot of bad luck early, injuries, the sux killed them, and the sux offensively back then were monsters and you know the end of that story…

    call me a dreamer this team will improve they have too much talent..

  • Rick

    After the first 41 games Here is my opinion is this:

    That this team is working hard. I HATE when Fans, analylists and the media say that this team lacks PASSION or NOT TRYING HARDS, OR NOT HUSTLING, please, that is utter BS. If that is the case then why didn’t they mail it in against the mets being down 8-2.

    Here’s another thing, The team has had a TON of bad luck. I mean alot of wierd and fluke things have come against the yankees.

    Or we can get to the easy part, this team isn’t that good. Which is not true in my view.

    To me this team is good enough to turn it around. I mean we are playing at less than half strenght, we have given the Bo Sox and mets some problems and we could of won those games. The point is, while they are struggling, and add on the immense amount of bad luck, this team can turn it around folks. Just be patience, I fustrated too guys but we gotta fight through it u know.

    PS: Sorry Ben to tell you shut up.

  • Rick

    O by the way, can we quit with the notion that this team doesn’t care, which is ridiculous. Gee if they didn’t care would Damon be in the line up all the time with his battered and bruise self or Giambi last night against wanger making him work going into a 9 pitch abat I guess that shows he didn’t care.

  • Rich

    Damon dropped a ball over the wall? I must have been watching a different game.

    And Cairo in for defense at 2B? No thanks, I’ll still take Cano there.

  • NJ Lawyer

    Cairo doesn’t have Cano’s range.

    DL Damon now.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I agree w/ the commentators above.

    For anyone who thinks defense is the Yanks’ problem, I’ll pt out that in defensive efficiency, that is, % of balls in play turned into outs, the Yanks are 3rd in the AL, behind Chicago and (by .001) Toronto, and 5th in the entire ML (thru May 18 acc to BP)

    As for Cano, btw, BP has him at a well above avg 108 Rate for this year fielding wise, and at 106 for his career.

  • Stuart

    the fielding would be alot better if they could strikeout a few batters. they are 29th in baseball in strikeouts…..

    of course they are trying….

  • Joseph P.

    The strikeout rate figures to improve a bit with Clemens and Hughes, but there is no chance they get higher than 20th. It’s just something we have to live with this year.