Is that right, fatass?

I told ya they'd win!
Yankee Stadium Metro-North hub back on track

From the Daily News:

“I’ve been here for five years and we don’t need to worry about nobody right now. Everybody needs to worry about us.”
-David Ortiz

If that’s not a bulletin board quote, I don’t know what is.

But wait, there’s more. From The Boston Globe:

“…the Red Sox pretty much have cemented themselves in a position where I don’t think they can be caught.”
-John Smoltz

Gee, sounds like Smoltzy is starting to sound like CHB.

Hat tip (begrudgingly so) to The Joy of Sox.

I told ya they'd win!
Yankee Stadium Metro-North hub back on track
  • Mike A.


    I was looking at the Shaugnessey article like “what the hell is he talking about,” then I realized it was from 2005.

  • Mike K

    When Ortiz (or anyone else for that matter) start saying things like that, does it make anyone else believe MORE in the Yankees chances? Seriously, how often do you hear trash-talking in May NOT come back to haunt people? This is also based on the fact that Sports Guy’s basketball column lead off with him bragging about the Sox AL East lead and Dan “How can I fit something about Miami in here?” LeBatard saying the Yankees are “done” on the Sports Reporters Sunday. If Simmons and LeBatard are on one side of something, let me firmly take my stance on the other side. (PS, I didnt lump Ortiz in there because I dont think what he said was that bad).

  • Ben

    One day – just once – I wish the Yanks would go up and in on Ortiz. Would it kill them to do so?

  • Jersey

    There’s a big fella coming up from the minors in a week or two that might have a little chin music for ol’ Papi…

  • Stuart

    the experts are comical…

    the dribble form peoples mouths never ends. it is a long season and for people not to understand that is comical..

    how about 2 sox starters going down for 6 weeks? I am sure they could easily overcome that..
    I believe there bullpen is worse then ours!!!I am not delusional, yes Papelbon is a horse and Okajima year to date has been fabulous but no way Oki keeps that up and the rest of there pen SUCKS..They have not been exposed because there starters have pitched so well…

    the Yanks do have a easier schedule the rest of the year and the Yanks are getting healthier and the baseball gods have been unfair so far.

    tighten you seat belts we have a long way to go………..

  • Sam

    I have no idea why people are taking so much exception to what Ortiz said. It is a fact. Indeed, Sox are playing incredible baseball. Unless the Yankees can win with any consistency, nobody will worry about them, let alone the team with the best record in MLB (or maybe second, I don’t know).

    Things could change, but it is improbable that the Yankees catch the Sox. What would be sweet is if they make the post-season and beat them in ALCS.

  • Mike K

    No need to go up and in on Ortiz, I’m fine with him. If Manny homers off of the Rocket and decides to watch it, he better wear a goalie mask in his next at bat

  • C-Note

    The Yanks need to start to pitching the sox inside period. If we were keeping score since the Rocket left in 2003 they’ve hit how many of our guys, maybe 20? Even Dice-K, his first start is hitting A-Rod… I’m not advocating head hunting, but I’m sick of these guys with NO Fear at the plate.