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Injury updates
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Because of injuries, Triple-A Scranton’s active pitching staff is:

SP – Tyler Clippard
SP – Steven Jackson
SP – Chase Wright
RP – Colter Bean
RP – Ben Kozlowksi
RP – Justin Pope
RP – Chris Britton
RP – Charlie Manning
RP – Jim Brower
RP – Ron Villone

And that’s it. By this time tomorrow, you can count out Ronnie Villone, who I’m sure will make the wise financial decision of opting out of his deal for greener pastures. Since there’s only 3 true starters on the roster, 2 of the relievers will be thrust into the rotation. Ben Kozlowksi started a game earlier in the year, but got lit up in less than 3 innings of work. Colter Bean can give some length, but he’s been so bad this year that if he leaves the game trailing by 4 in the 3rd inning, you consider it a success.

Brower has done well since taking over the closer’s role, which means Britton is available for 2-3 of the middle innings. After that though, you’re just throwing shit against the wall and hoping it sticks.

And to top it all off, they’ve had one day off since April 25th (18 games in 19 days, and they only got the day off because of a rain out), and kick off a stretch of 29 games in 29 days with a doubleheader tonight. Godspeed Dave Miley, godspeed.

(FYI – this is why Pete Walker was signed, not because Cash was desperate for help)

Injury updates
Read up on Jose Tabata
  • Mike R.

    What do you think Mike? Any chance for an Alan Horne call up? I think he’s ready for AAA.

  • Mike A.

    I love Alan Horne, but I think they should keep him in AA for another month or so. It won’t hurt him to stay around and dominate a little bit more.

    If they’re going to call up anyeone, I betcha it’s Brett Smith. He’s been on an absolute roll.

    You never know though, they could surprise everyone and call up Jeff Marquez…

  • Mike R.

    Any chance it’s Jason Jones? Truth be told no matter who they call it wouldn’t surprise me. That Trenton staff is pretty loaded.

  • Steve Lombardi

    If Pete Walker was signed to help out the current situation in Triple-A, that’s stupid – since he’ll be in Tampa for about three weeks, gaining strength in throwing off the mound. It will be mid-June by the time he can help the Triple-A squad. They’ll be dead waiting that long for him.