Now batting 7th, Bob Abreu

Bill Simmons: big fucking hack
Down on the Farm

Well, it took only 16 games of Bobby Abreu’s producing at a .179/.273/.224 clip but Joe Torre finally moved him down in the lineup. Some Supreme Being must have threatened to smite Torre to get him to make a change that should have been made, oh, a week ago.

Bill Simmons: big fucking hack
Down on the Farm
  • Stuart

    I am glad for the move of Abreu to 7th. I also wonder why it takes so long sometimes to make these moves. If and when he starts hitting again you can move him back…

    I also do not understand why the Yanks do not complain and argue terrible calls like last night… It is disheartening to see them except a unbeleivably blatant miscall…

    the guy was out by over 2 feet minimum…

  • ShawnT

    i dunno, i think giambi is just a bitt to slow to be batting third, id have preferred matsui

  • Rob

    Glad to finally see this move made. Tho, I wish Cano wasn’t strugglinghimself because I think he would be a good 3 hitter. Maybe at one point.

  • NBarnes


    Remember, the primary purpose of a lineup is to distribute ABs amongst the position players. Do you really want to take ABs away from Jeter and Rodriguez and give them to Damon and Abreu?

  • Marsha

    I agree with NBarnes–time to move Damon too.

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