Now that’s what I like to see!

Henn down; Villone up
And we get to see a second one!


From left to right: Phil Hughes, Jeff Karstens (back turned, blackish shirt), Billy Connors (you can see his white hair sticking out), Joba Chamberlain (back turned, grey shirt), Christian Garcia, a mystery man*, and some guy named Roger.

* it’s been established that it’s not pitching guru Nardi Contreras, but it might be Jose Veras…or about a million other guys…

It’s only fitting that Rocket’s standing up on the mound, at a higher level than the other guys.

Quote of the Year:

Do the Yankees see Clemens as a mentor to Hughes? “I don’t think it’s by chance that Billy Connors has him out there playing catch with me,” Clemens said.

Henn down; Villone up
And we get to see a second one!
  • Yankee1010

    I’m think that the guys in the picture are Joba, Karstens, Hughes, Connors, Garcia and Veras.

  • Mike A.

    That does look like Chris Garcia…I think you’re right.

    That could be Veras too…hmmmmmmm

  • Zack

    That’s def. NOT Nardi, who, if you’ve seen him, looks kind of like a funny bird. Maybe a Quail. I would say Veras, but it sure don’t look like his elbow’s bothering him in that picture, so maybe its someone else? On the other hand, Garcia’s elbow doesn’t either…

  • Jeteupthemiddle

    Karstens already in uniform after breaking his leg?


  • Sx

    What do you think? Who would we give up?


    According to the New York Daily News, the Yankees have contacted the Angels about acquiring Jose Molina.

    New York is apparently trying to upgrade from Wil Nieves as Jorge Posada’s backup. Mike Napoli is struggling as the Angels’ starter, but with Jeff Mathis at Triple-A they could afford to part with Molina.

  • goyankeesfrompinstripealley

    Now that IS what I like to see!

  • Sx

    Joe Torre’s is clueless. He didn’t pitch hit for stinking Cairo for Cano when two guys are on base….