One-way ticket to Scranton

Colter Bean: What's the point?
Almost perfect

So how about that $47 million investment, Cashman? It was looking all bright and cheery on Saturday, when he appeared in an emergency situation and ended a losing streak. Last night, though was just a reminder that Blower-san* is going to have plenty of outings like this if you keep allowing him to start games. True, there aren’t many alternatives. But there has to be something better than this.

It’s pretty obvious that Igawa won’t succeed in the bigs given his stuff and current approach. His stuff ain’t gettin’ any better, so the only thing he can work on is his approach. Wouldn’t Scranton be a better place to hone that skill? Yeah, you can work on it in the majors, but you’re going to be killing your team every fifth day in the process.

Unfortunately, there are roster issues standing in the way. I would hope Darrell Raner’s start on Sunday is his audition for a second chance. If he throws well — and I’m not talking about results, I’m talking about throwing strikes and getting ahead of hitters — Igawa could then be sent down on Monday to make room for DeSalvo. But, if Rasner flops, it would appear that the Yanks are still stuck with Igawa.

There is, however, an alternative. But it would involve juggling a few spots on the active and 40-man rosters. If Rasner doesn’t look good, you send him down for DeSalvo on Monday. So the rotation looks like this:

Monday – DeSalvo
Tuesday – Pettitte
Wednesday – Mussina
Thursday – Wang
Friday –

There is simply no reason to plug in Igawa there, especially considering that Seattle will be the opponent once again. As I said, if Rasner is good or even okay on Sunday, he could get the nod. If not, why not Tyler Clippard?

Yes, it would be the Yanks 11th starting pitcher of the year, but that wouldn’t bother me much. As long as they’re not retreads like Ponson, I have no problem with it. There is, of course, the issue of the 40-man roster, which is getting cramped. I’m not sure what move they’ll make to get DeSalvo on there, but there are a few options, another of which could be used for Clippard:

  • DFA Jeff Kennard
  • DFA Colter Bean (though I’ve heard they’re saving his spot in case of Rocket)
  • Move Karstens to the 60-day DL (that would put him at a June 30 earliest activation date, and it’s doubtful he’d be back before then)
  • Move Humberto Sanchez to the 60-day DL (they may have already done this)
  • Move Jose Veras to the 60-day DL (retroactive; even if he’s ready before that, it’s not like he’s an integral piece to the puzzle)
  • Trade Luis Vizcaino for a guy who wouldn’t have to be placed on the 40-man roster. A fungo bat would do the trick.
  • DFA Doug Mientkiewicz (every time you want to shed yourself of him, he hits a homer; this won’t happen, but it is an option nonetheless)
  • DFA Wil Nieves (Raul Chavez is on the 40-man, and can’t be any worse)
  • As you can see, there’s a lot of dead weight on the 40-man, so clearing room for Clippard shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, once you put him on you can’t take him off, so you paint yourself into a corner a little. But look around the Yankees minor league landscape: is there anyone absent from the 40-man that you think could get a call-up this year? That’s very, very doubtful.

Does anyone think that Igawa should pitch next Friday? If so, please present your case in the comments.

On a final note, I’d like to thank Mike Myers for his excellent work in mop-up duty. He performs that job much better than the one he’s paid to do (get out tough lefties). And while we all certainly appreciate the innings, it furthers the case for his release. Not now, but hopefully in a few weeks. A team like the Yankees shouldn’t need a mop-up man — or at least not need one on a frequent enough basis to warrant a roster spot.

Colter Bean: What's the point?
Almost perfect
  • Ed

    I am hopeful that Myers will come along in his job of getting yough lefties out. However the versatility that he is developing in getting some tough outs I think doesn’t support the case to DFA, but rather makes me want to keep him.

    I have always believed that a lefty specialist was a waste of a roster spot because it just isn’t worth enough to the team. However if Myers comes back to be a good lefty specialist again (maybe he can, maybe he can’t) and at the same time could serve as a functional long reliever then I wouldn’t consider that a waste of a roster spot. In a tight game, he would have a job to come in and get out their tough lefty. In a blowout he has a job to go in there and eat some innings. I have been surprised with how well Myers has been pitching whole innings, and I am waiting for someone to hit him really really hard. (but I doubt that will be the mariners)

    I think he really saved the day, because if he didn’t go out there and pitch all those innings, that would have meant that every single pitcher in our bullpen would have been paraded out there just like any other day.

    I am slightly sympathetic to Joe Torre today, especially reading what people were writing on PA. The guy just cannot win, if he took Igawa out and put in Proctor, Bruney, Viz then they will jump on him about the same guys pitching every day, he tries to put in the unused arm and the guy can’t throw a strike.

    I wonder how Cashman’s wife is in bed, I will have to ask Britton if I see him… but back to my arguemnt. oh wait… that was it. see you sunday.

  • Joseph P.

    As I said, I totally see the value in a mop-up man. However, we’re the freakin’ Yankees; we shouldn’t need a mop-up man too often.

  • Malcard89

    All those moves sound great, especially the Wil Nieves DFA. I really think he could end a full season going 0 for 150 since thats how many at bats he’ll probably end up getting.

    Oh and Ben, the same exact thing happened to me (coming home from Spiderman 3 to see the yankees losing 14-8 at that point). But hey, how about those special effects?

  • Tyler Simons

    Does Igawa have an option? Can y’all send him to Scranton without placing him on waivers first? I mean, he may well clear waivers, but I don’t think the Yankees can afford to just give him away right now.

  • Tom

    There’s always the choice of moving Pavano to the 60 Day DL; he probably won’t be back again as a Yankee.

  • d2

    OK I’ll take the challenge. I think Kei Igawa should pitch again.

    let me step into my fire retardant suit…..

    the one time he pitched well it was from the bull pen.

    face ( and saving it) is pretty integral part of the culture.

    He thrives on long outings so have at it.

    We are in a holding pattern. Lets get a few innings out of the 40 million in no win situations. He can get it done sometimes.

  • Gt

    Is Jeff Kennard on 40th man roster? Who will replace him then when Yankees should released him?