• Barry

    anyone else surprised? gee he must have family issues I bet we have another Jason Kidd here and he’s getting abused by his wife.

  • mg

    So If Pavano does have TJ surgery and his Yankee career is over…

    19 starts for $40 million. Over $2 million per start.

    5 wins for $40 million. Exactly $8 million per win.

    That is what we call a bust.

  • http://jeteupthemiddle.blogspot.com Jeteupthemiddle

    He is heading to Dr. Andrews.

  • Pat O’Malley – NYC

    It’s pretty hard to fake needing TJ surgery, bonechips, and cracked ribs. To have forseen an absurd string of bad luck, and misfortune is totally out of the hands of Agents, Front office, back office, owners, and management personnel, as well as the Player himself. There’s noone to blame here, it’s crazy for people to even think for a minute this guy is faking injuries and doesn’t want to play. In his last outting he left the mound to a standing ovation, what player wouldn’t want that? Also, if he could turn the last year and 1/2 around by being the hero this season, wouldn’t anyone take that option.

    Who wants to leave a more than average baseball career with the stigma of being the worse Yankee signing in history?

    Please people, give this guy a break.