This has got to turn around at some point, right?

Get that man out of the two hole
Some random prospect stuff

I’m far too pissed off to write a recap (even after a peaceful night of sleep). Being shut out by Jarrod Washburn and the Mariners is inex-freakin-cusible. However, check this.

We’ve had 15 games where our opponent has scored three or less runs (which is the root of the problem, right there), in which we are 13-2. Both losses are to the Mariners.

No Yankees opponent has finished a game with four runs. When our opponents score five or less runs, that 13-2 record becomes 14-5. Still not too shabby…except we’ve played 34 games. For those of you without a calculator (or a math teacher roommate), that’s 15 games where the Yanks have allowed more than five runs (as in, six runs or more).

We all knew this has been the problem, despite all of our complaints about the offense. We’ve scored five or more runs 19 times, for a record of 13-6. No team should have such a shabby record in games where they score FIVE FREAKIN’ RUNS. To further that, we’re 2-7 in games in which we score four runs. Add that up, and you have 28 out of 34 games where the Yanks scored four or more runs, in which their record is 15-13.

Still think Clemens won’t help?

In your spare time, definitely check out this article by Tim Marchman.

Get that man out of the two hole
Some random prospect stuff
  • Ron

    “Still think Clemens won’t help?”

    Let’s put it this way: he will be better than Igawa. In none of his last 3 seasons in NY did he average 7 innings per start, and his best ERA during that span was 3.51 (in 2001). I see a guy who averages (maybe) 6 innings per start and has an ERA of 3.5 – 4.00. As I said, better than Igawa, but certainly no savior, or even an ace.

  • Stuart

    it is more then Abreu.. Cano stinks also. they have 3 guys hitting only Arod(and he is cooling off), Jeter, and Posada. That is it…Matsui and Damon are doing nothing , Giambi is his usual injury prone joke, and the rest of the team is doint nothing.

    the bottome line is they are not doing enough to win..

    when are they going to get going????

  • Joseph P.

    Well, since May 1:

    Damon: .303/.400/.424
    Melky: .290/.389/.484
    Minky: .379/.406/.621
    Posada: .469/.528/.688
    Jeter: .419/.519/.535
    Matsui: .268/.375/.488
    Alex: .308/.426/.436
    Giambi: .200/.407/.350

    Cano: .179/.214/.308
    Abreu: .224/.220/.286

    So it’s basically just Cano and Abreu (although Giambi hasn’t been at his normal level, I’ll take a .407 OBP any day).

  • Jeteupthemiddle

    How do you think I feel?

    I benched Washburn on my fantasy team hoping his ass would get kicked. :(

  • dan

    get on the same page

    “This team is floundering right now. They’ve dipped back to two games under .500, and Roger Clemens isn’t going to be the answer.”

  • Joseph M

    I keep going back to the fact that the talent level on this team does not translate into a record a losing record now 16-18. Last night the team wasn’t into it that’s for sure, nothing that unusual the first day on the coast can be rough. The problem is the team blew a golden opportunity on the homestand to go at least 5-2 against two Palooka’s, Seattle and Texas. They can’t afford a flat game like last night if they are going to pour a golden opportunity like the last homestand down a rathole.

    The amazing thing about last night was the collateral damage Joe Torre can do. I mean the lack of motivation is bad enough, the lack of urgency is bad enough, but the way he uses the pitching staff is galling.

    Leaving the bullpen to get the last 9 outs is ridiculous. It gets worse, Scott Proctor finally well rested from his early season abuse is wasted for not one but two inning and then a Bruny effort is wasted.

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