Video breakdown of Phil’s mechanics

Cashman for a day, fool for a lifetime
So who is David Robertson?

Excellent piece over at the Hardball Times today on the difference between Phil Hughes’s mechanics in his start against the Jays and a start from 2006.

There seem to be a few slight differences in the approach. He still keeps his arm low as he winds up and lets his lower half do much of the work. His shoulder flies open a little (remember Randy Johnson bitching about that?), and he has a slightly higher arm slot.

I’m sure Gator as gone over similar video with Hughes, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him tighten up his mechanics in a few spots this time around.

Cashman for a day, fool for a lifetime
So who is David Robertson?
  • Barry

    Phil will do good today, I’m excited about this kid.

  • Rob

    His fastball did seem awfully straight in his debut (the only time I’ve seen him pitch), which concerned me. But I liked his curve and change… low to mid 90s FB, low 80s change, high 60s curve… yeah, I like that mix a lot.

  • Mac

    At the stadium last Thursday, I noticed that his FB was really sitting (especially towards the fifth) at about 90 or 91, as opposed to sitting at the 94 or 95 I’ve read in some scouting reports. It made one scouting report I read (I don’t have a link, sorry) which said he could reach back and throw 97 look absolutely ridiculous. This piece explains a lot. The thing is though, his curveball just looked absolutely disgusting last Thursday. My entire section (M5) audibly “ooohed.” Seriously, if anybody out there hasn’t seen him throw, do it now. But yeah, it seems to be a mixed bag here with the arm slots. I will be very curious to see how this plays out over the year, especially concerning the nature of shoulder injuries. Also, I hope he kicks some serious a#$ tonight.

  • Jeteupthemiddle

    My main concern with that analysis is that he only uses 2 clips–1 from each year–to complete it.

    The first clip is from The Future’s Game.

    The second clip is from his Major League debut.

    Wouldn’t it stand to reason that his mechanics would be slightly off (one way or another) from his typical starts because of the type of games he was pitching in in those two games?

    One is a relief appearance where he knew he was only going for 1 inning (dialing back trying to get extra MPH for his brief stint?)

    One is his major league debut (obvious nerves, trying to impress, etc. etc).

    I think what would be more telling, would be a clip from a AA start, and a clip from his most recent AAA start.

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