Who cares about that win with this injury?

Down on the Farm
Yanks 10, Rangers 1 -- And I care about this victory

I’m too upset about this game to write much about it. Good, the Yanks scored runs. Good, everyone hit. But Brian Cashman says Phil Hughes will go for an MRI when the team gets back to New York. We’re talking months here, not weeks. And Hughes had just laid claim to the fourth starter slot in the rotation with those first six innings. At least this won’t affect his workload late in the season. Bah.

Update (12:23 a.m.): Peter Abraham, our man on the ground, has more from the horse’s — or is that the Cash’s? — mouth, and the news is not good:

Yes, it’s a left hamstring and it’s a “significant” one according to Brian Cashman and Joe Torre.

Given the Mike Mussina was just out three weeks with a minor tear, you can expect Hughes to be out 6-8 weeks at the very least.

Hughes told us that he reached back on that 0-2 pitch to really bury a curveball to Mark Teixeira. He extended his left leg too much and that’s how he was injured.

Could this have happened in Scranton? Obviously it could have. But Hughes would not have been reaching back to try and make a great pitch to a hitter like Teixeira in Scranton.

There’s a reason prospects pitch in the minors. It’s to develop their bodies along with their skills. Hughes was pitching in high school at this point in 2004. Tonight he was in the majors trying to finish off Mark Teixeira. His arm was ready. His left hamstring wasn’t.

Personally, I don’t buy Abraham’s excuses, but he’s always been convinced that the Yanks were rushing Hughes. I think Hughes was just too pumped, and shit happens. That’s where the Yankees are right now.

So Hughes will hopefully return by the All Star Break. Realistically, that’s when we all expected Phil Hughes to arrive in the Bronx anyway. He’ll have to build up his arm strength, but now he’ll be all set for the end of the season. We won’t need to worry about overextending him for the innings.

For me, this was a giant tease. We now know what Phil Hughes can do. Tonight, in Texas, he had three plus pitches working for him. He was hitting spots; he was confusing hitters. He struck out Mark Teixeira looking on three straight devastating change-ups. But the Yankee leg problems bit him again.

The future looks bright for Phil Hughes and the Yankees; the next few months look like Darrell Rasner and Carl Pavano and whatever else the Yanks can find.

Matt DeSalvo pitched another great game for Scranton tonight. In 25.2 innings, he’s given up 15 hits and 3 ER while striking out 23 and walking 13. With that 1.05 ERA and convenient scheduling, I would guess we’ll see DeSalvo. But he’s no Phil Hughes. Not many pitchers are.

Update 2 (12:38 a.m.): The New York Times’ Tyler Kepner notes that Joe Torre anticipates Hughes to miss 4 to 6 weeks. So no one really knows yet how bad this is going to be. Best case scenario is 4 to 6 weeks. Worst case scenario is probably early July or post-All Star Break. Hughes is the fifth Yankee starter to hit the DL this season. The sky is not falling…right?

Down on the Farm
Yanks 10, Rangers 1 -- And I care about this victory
  • NYFan50

    Rotoworld is reporting, “Phil Hughes is expected to miss 4-6 weeks after straining his hamstring Tuesday in his start against the Rangers.”

    If that is true, that’s probably one of the best case scenarios we could have hoped for. This still seriously sucks.

  • steve

    awful awful awful … if he does come back in 4- 6 thats about the middle of june, which is when he was “suppose” to come up. such a tease seeing him throw those 6 innings. i’m going to go cry myself to sleep

  • Rick

    I fucking mad right now. The guy was putting on a show and this happens. I,m tight yo.

  • Stuart

    he looked fabulous. 3 pitches, I was watching the Texas telecast since I live in LA.. They were raving about him… He was dominate…


  • yankz

    Well, Cano was out for that long with a hammy injury, and came back to be probably the best hitter in baseball for the rest of the season…

  • http://www.iwritebaseball.com Adam

    The silver lining is that he shouldn’t wear out in September or October, nor burn out for next season. It’s also good that it is not an arm injury.

    So I’m picking at straws now…

    … at least Wang, Pettite, Mussina should be good enough to get us to a reasonable striking distance for when Hughes does return.

  • http://jeteupthemiddle.blogspot.com Jeteupthemiddle

    at least it wasn’t his elbow or shoulder?

  • NYFan50

    Pete Abe is reporting that Cashman said it was a “significant strain.” That is probably more than 4-6 weeks. We’re likely looking at 2 months now.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben

    Thanks for that tip, NYFan50. I’ve updated the post with some more reflections and that information on Hughes.

  • http://yanksandmore.blogspot.com Eric Schultz

    Unfortunately, all we can do is rationalize. But Phil did show that he belonged, and when he comes back (whenever that may be), he looks like he will be able to pitch effectively out of the rotation, and, as mentioned previously, won’t have too many innings on his arm where they will have to consider shutting him down late. But what a tease that was tonight, so disappointing. I just got back to my room and turned on the game, and that is what I saw.

  • Marsha

    OK, so we’re all upset but no one is mentioning how doubly upset Hughes must feel. Injured for weeks (we know, we know) AND losing the possibility of a no-hitter in his second major league start. OUCH!

  • wayne’s world

    I wonder if it would have happened if he weren’t working on a no-hitter. Anyway, I think this warrants a discussion about the spate of hamstring injuries suffered by baseball players. Last week, Tim McCarver gave an excellent explanation of why they happen in baseball, as opposed to other sports, with such frequency and said teams need to adjust their conditioning. He even suggested yoga. The cost of these injuries in financial terms and in the sense of lost opportunity is huge.

  • ShawnT

    Well as horrible as this is, thank g-d itz only a hamstring and theyre aint nothing wrong with that golden arm of his, hamstrings really do suck and can take months to fix, but all they really affect is your arm streagnth which can built up again