Yankees should take a note from Mark Grace


Mike alluded to this earlier, but I think we could use some clarification.

What the Yankees need right now is a slumpbuster. What, you ask, is a slumpbuster? Well, I’ll let my pal Urban Dictionary explain it:

Baseball players believe that by having sex with an unattractive female, they can end their slump. Therfore a slump buster is the unattractive female that they have sex with, in hopes of busting their slump.

Manny Ramirez told Pedro Martinez that the reason why he’s been hitting so many homeruns lately, is because he hooked up with a lot of slump busters when he was in a slump.

See, A-Rod, you got it all wrong. You can’t be bangin’ hot blonds on the road. You gotta jump on a grenade. May I suggest:

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