Yanks 4, Rangers 3; Yanks 5, Rangers 2

Yanks OFs becoming an offensive blackhole
Down on the Farm

It’s a good ol’ fashioned sweep, folks. Here’s the WPA. I’ll quickly recap (bullet points, of course) once I get to work.

Player WPA Pitcher WPA
Giambi .218 Rivera .218
Matsui .151 Pettitte .169
Melky .076 Farnsworth .150
Jeter .044 Vizcaino -.122
Cano -.028
Alex -.065
Posada -.076
Damon -.101
Abreu -.133

Player WPA Pitcher WPA
Matsui .110 Mussina .195
Jeter .084 Proctor .112
Minky .071 Bruney .048
Posada .029 Rivera .047
Giambi .019 Farnsworth .014
Melky .013 Henn -.008
Damon -.020
Nieves -.028
Alex -.031
Abreu -.056
Cano -.099

  • It seems Mike Mussina was gassed after five innings yesterday, which was the cause for his removal. I apologize to Joe Torre for ripping him at the time.
  • Better for a pitcher after he beans someone in the skull: leave him in, or take him out? Torre opted for the latter, but I really do wonder the psychological effect of that. While it certainly varies from player to player, I would think taking him out right after said bean ball would sap his confidence a bit. I would have gone out there, but I wouldn’t have taken the ball; let him have a crack at another batter before making that decision.
  • The move to not pinch run for Giambi in the first game was a good one. They were tied at the time, and there was a real possibility that Giambi’s spot would have come up again. He was replaced for defensive purposes in the bottom of the inning, so one might think “well, why didn’t you just pinch run for him?” Because in the bottom of the inning, the Yanks had a lead. Not sure I exactly agree with it, seeing as how the bullpen is prone to blowing games. But it’s at least defensible.
  • Matsui looks to strengthen the Yanks weak outfield. Two solid games for him. His swing still looks a little off — he’s getting on top of way too many pitches — but I have faith in Hideki. In fact, I’d be batting him fifth right now, all things considered.
  • Speaking of looking better at the plate, how about Melky? He had a couple of hits yesterday, and they weren’t of the slappy variety. He looked like he was controlling the bat, rather than the bat controlling him. And he’s stopped swinging at a lot of the shitty pitches that he was missing earlier in the year. If I’m in charge, I give him the start tonight over Abreu.
  • Watch Kei Igawa tonight to see if he pitches exclusively from the stretch. He did on Saturday and it worked, so I would expect him to do the same tonight. It’s against the free-swinging Mariners, so that should help (though they lit up Dice-K last night).
Yanks OFs becoming an offensive blackhole
Down on the Farm
  • Rob

    Dice-K had a lot to do with being “lit up” in that he walked the bases full in the first. Several runs scored on errors (both by Lugo, although one was later changed into a hit). Suffice it to say neither was hit hard. They had one good hit that inning: Guillen’s double to right. Later in the game they got some legit hits off him.

    I’m not saying that makes him any better. I’m just saying it doesn’t mean the Mariners can hit. They were handed a 5-run gift in the first. After that, they hit like they usually do: very little.

  • b/c

    Mike, how about a David Robertson watch?