You may have heard some nasty rumors

Hughes goes off half-mound

Some hack of a journalist has been spreading rumors about the Angels being interested in Jason Giambi. We here at River Ave. Blues try not to acknowledge this person, so his name will not get a mention. Just know that he probably made this up, as he has plenty of trade rumors in the past.

Some things to consider:
1) Giambi has a full no-trade clause. His option for 2009 is freaking insane — $22 million. That’s usually the condition of a player waiving his NTC, and that goes especially for a player like Giambi, who would be leaving a team for which he likes to play.

2) Who’s going to fill his role at DH?

3) The reported return — Chone Figgins and Jose Molina — is laughable, and that’s being generous. Even if Bill Stoneman uncharacteristically included a C prospect like Dustin Mosely, it’s still not worth it.

This is nonsense.

Update: You know, the last [unnamed hack] rumor I remember creating a swirl like this was Humberto Sanchez and Melky Cabrera for Dontrelle Wilis. Yeah. Mike remembers Spring Training 2005, when it was Cano, Wang, and Eric Duncan for Ben Sheets. So that’s how much stock you should put in this.

Hughes goes off half-mound
  • John

    Yep. We shouldn’t talk about moving anyone important until we’ve given up on this season. But it’s nice to dream about Brandon Wood or Hank Conger in pinstripes…

  • Luddy Bazcej

    Id move Giambi in a heartbeat if we could get Helton in a 3 way deal and perhaps save a few bucks, maybe pick up a kid or two like Conger.

  • Luddy Bazcej

    Oh, I should add, that unnamed reporter is a horses ass and I put no creedence into most of what he writes. However, I’d still be open to dealing Giambi if the return is good.

  • Ben

    Id move Giambi in a heartbeat if we could get Helton in a 3 way deal and perhaps save a few bucks, maybe pick up a kid or two like Conger.

    Helton, an overpaid injured first baseman with a lot of years left on his overvalued contract, for Giambi, an overpaid DH with a year and a half left on his overvalued contract? No, thanks.

    Helton is two years younger than Giambi and is owed $19 a year through 2011. That’s an insane deal.

  • mg

    Agreed. We’d be insane to dump Giambi only to add Helton. I’d personally kick Cashman in the ass if he made those moves.

  • Jersey

    Ditto that. No thank you, Mr. Helton.

  • Jon

    Giambi and $20M for Figgins and Molina, then nothing for Helton and $35M?

    We’d be paying $70M for Helton through 2011. Not good, but not awful. We’d have the backup catcher we want, and a great super-utility guy who can rest almost every position player (they can move to DH).

    Then if we decide we want to upgrade the offense later, we have a hole at DH, instead of first, making that much easier.

    I think the team is better in this scenario, but how does the money work out?

    Giambi will make ~$40M through 08. So the difference is 3 years of Helton for $30M. Very fair.

    It’s not a no-brainer, but very viable. If we don’t care about the money, we can include more for LA/take less from COL, and get some good prospects too.

  • Stuart

    Helton’s contract is a joke.

    how about jeff mathis, figgins,wood(doubtful they would part with) or moseley, and kotchman for giambi and minky and no $?

    Yes the Yankees power takes a hit but they improve there bench a ton. Mathis can save Jorge some over the next 2 or 3 years, the Yanks save a ton of cash, become a more flexible team on the field and become a team much easier to make a trade..

    I know this trade would definitely hurt there power but Giambi, cannot play the field, run the bases, and is a injury waiting to happen.

  • Jeteupthemiddle

    I think the only way something like this could happen is if the Yankees actually found a way to void Giambi’s contract.

    “Hey, Jason. We figured out a way to void your contract. You can check with your lawyers and the player’s union, but it is a certainty. We will do it, and you will be out more than $40 million including your buyout. Of course, if you approve a trade to the Angels, without forcing them to pick up your option, then we will do that, and you can still get paid.”

    That is only if they are desperate to get rid of Giambi…or if they are in full seller’s mode at the trade deadline.

    It is also basically impossible to void his contract, so the whole thing is moot.

  • Jon


    I assume that’s sarcasm? If not, the Angels are going to pay Giambi $40M for 1.5 years, and give us 3 good underpriced players a top prospect for the privilige?

    Giambi goes to the Angels with $20M, minimum.

  • Mike A.

    Molina: .220-.233-.254-.587
    Figgins: .108-.159-.154-.313
    Moseley: .292-.326-.438-.764 against

    You could just have an open tryout camp one weekend if you’re looking for players with those kind of numbers.

  • Stuart

    WHy would the Ynaks pay any of Giambis 1.75 yrs left on his deal? He can still play if he stays healthy… If Giambi was on the Angels on paper they are the best team in the AL..

    They have 1 legit power hitter add Giambi and you have quite a team.

    Again I know it will not happen but ; figgins, mathis,kotchman, wood or Kendrick, etc for Giambi and Minky helps both teams.. yes the Yanks now become a decent HR team but gain offensive flexibilty, lineup flexibilty, $ releif, etc..

    IT will never happen but it would remind me of the Sox trade few years ago of nomar basically for Cabrera and Minky, that worked out quite well for them!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jon

    Do you have any concept of money and what players are worth? Giambi is owed $40M for 2008 and the remainder of 2007. No team in baseball (Yankees included would pay that). If the Angels want him, the Yankees will include some cash. This is not difficult.

    This is the same reason the Rockies will gladly give Todd Helton AND $25-30M away for free.

    There is no question that Giambi makes them better. There’s also no question he is worth nowhere near $25M a season.

    Oh man, I just re-read and see you’re now suggesting the Angels send us Kendrick, PLUS more cheap valuable young players, PLUS pay the entire Giambi contract.

    Maybe I just need some sleep or something. I am not a regular here. Ben or Joseph? You guys are the owners/posters/moderators? Maybe you can step in and restore some sanity?

  • Ben

    Ben or Joseph? You guys are the owners/posters/moderators? Maybe you can step in and restore some sanity?

    The three of us – Mike A. included – are not by any means defending or proposing that deal. The three of us are firmly against shipping Giambi to the Angels for a bag of balls and some magic beans.

  • Joseph P.

    Whoa there, Ben. If there are magic beans involved, it’s a different story.

  • mg

    Agreed. If there are magic beans involved we can just plant them and sign the giant at the top of the vine that grows to be our DH. That guy rakes.

  • Jon

    I’m not asking for a sanity check there (I’m not sure I like the deal, just saying that it’s remotely reasonable). I’m just a little disturbed about the lack of outrage at the guy suggesting the Angels give us Kotchman, Kendrick, Figgins, Mathis, AND pay all of Giambi’s contract.

    Basically I have read this blog very briefly, and I like what I see so far. I’m always looking for intelligent discussion on the Yankees and what goes in the comments is a big part of that. I’m trying to guage if Stuart’s comments are the norm or not.

    Essentially what I’m saying is that I’d rather not be part of a community where such absurdities are the norm. I’m curious how you’d respond to Stuart’s suggestions – do you feel that type of post is indicative of the ones on your site?

  • Joseph P.

    Trust me, such absurdities are not the norm. In fact, your second to last post is written in almost the exact manner I would have responded, if I wasn’t trying to get a ton of work done today (because I have tickets for tomorrow).

  • Jon

    Great, thanks. Like I said, I like what I see so far and hope you didn’t take any offense to anything I’ve said. I also think it’s great that you guys appear to be active in the comments.

  • Sal

    “IT will never happen but it would remind me of the Sox trade few years ago of nomar basically for Cabrera and Minky, that worked out quite well for them!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I know they won the World Series, but O-Cab, Stinky Minky, and Dave Roberts [the 3rd part of that deal] all left the team after 2004. It helped in the short term I guess, but Nomar Garciaparra could have netted a better haul than that at the time.

    Regarding Giambi to the Halos… i can’t see it happening without the yankees paying a shit ton of the contract. Might as well keep him if he is productive. If not, try and void the deal after MLB makes its steroid inquiry.

    In any event, get Teixeira as a free agent after the season is over, Hafner after 2008. Keep that offense scoring while the pitching prospects Ca$h Money has gone to great lenghts to stock our system with continue to mature.

  • Joseph P.


    Teixeira will only have 5 years of service after this season. He won’t be a FA until after the 2008 season.

  • KAnst

    I agree Jon, no way we get that kind of haul for Giambi and force them to pay the whole deal. Trading Giambi would make us worse this year but I do it if given the chance. I would try something like Giambi and $15 Million for Molina, Figgins, and maybe 2 prospects such as Sean Rodriguez and Kendry Morales. That would make our team much deeper. You could have Damon, Phelps and Matsui DH with Melky and Figgins splitting the outfield time. Molina isnt great but he is a hell of a lot better than Nieves. In addition Rodriguez and Morales would give us two solid hitters to add to our upper minors.

    The trade would make us worse this year but much deeper and more financially flexible moving forward.

  • Stuart

    wow my idea was so outrageous!!!!

    It wasn’t , with Giambi’s salary and all the Angels have a legit chance of winning it all. they lose good players but they have many replacements….

    The Yankees take would be good young players and cheap. There is no guarantee Mathis or Kendrick or any other possible players from the Angels would ever develop to what level..The Yankee take would be much better then what the Sux got years ago.

    I guess I am not as smart as you experts but really I do not think the trade is that outrageous.. Mathis is this big prospect actually he was can’t miss 2 yrs ago…Figgins while not great is much better then he has played this year, etc…

    I know Stoneman would never make a big trade because he never has but the Angels with 1 more thumper are legit and I think this trade would help the Yanks, let’s let it rest so I do not get scolded by all the Gm’s in training…

    Let’s trade for Helton a guy with 6 or 7 years left on a ridiculous contract ..

  • Sal


    I’m getting conflicting reports on that. I always found this site fairly reliable:

    Anyway, you may be right, I haven’t been able to verify one way or the other. In any event, the 2008 offseason could be a busy one with Giambi, Andy P, Moose, Farnsworth, Carla Pavano, off the books, and Damon and Matsui set to come off after 2009. If that site is correct, it looks like Santana, Nathan, Teixeira, Hafner, Carl Crawford, Vlad, Sabathia, Sheets headline a pretty deep FA class.

    Santana and Crawford would be the two I’d want most.

  • Sal

    scratch that about Crawford, the D-Rays have team options out the wazoo. and i do believe Teixeira is 08 and not 07. my bad.

  • Ben

    Teixeira is a free agent after the 2008 season.

    Also, the name of the team is the Red Sox. With an O. Sure, we all think they suck, but you make much less of an effective argument when you call them the Sux. It’s also childish. That’s just my opinion.

  • mg

    Santana should be the Yankees top priority from now till that free agent season. We should make every effort to pry him from the Twins and barring that to sign him when he becomes a free agent. The Twins should have ample motivation to extend him too, but he’s cut off talks at least until the end of this season on an extension. Obviously it’s unlikely but god would it be nice.

  • b/c

    Am I the only one who thinks it would be foolich for us to go after Santana?

    I just don’t see why we would want to fucus that big of a portion of our payroll on a pitcher.

    By 09 our rotation will include


    and other strong possibilities are


    All possess top of the rotation potential.

    Betances would be an outside shot as would Sanchez

    we would also have excellent depth in

    Norton(assuming he remains a starter)

    the lower potential propects, of the Karstens Rasner types will have to be traded

  • The Scout

    Leaving aside the merits of the rumored deal (and I don’t think it makes sense from the Yankees’ perspective), I wonder if anyone has any insights on who might be behind such a rumor. Do you think the writer simply invented it? Or is someone on one of the teams trying to stir the pot for some reason? Speculation welcome.

  • Barry

    giambi isn’t going anywhere anytime soon