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Down on the Farm
Yanks season rests on next 12 games

Today is going to be a bad traffic day for the blog. I know this, because it happens on days when I’m frustrated the most — meaning the Yankees have lost a game (or, more accurately, multiple games) that they should have won. The worst part was that the season-series-deciding game was lost to a soft-tossing lefty whom the Yanks should have destroyed. Such is the frustration with the team this year: we get beat up by no names, and lay into guys like Josh Beckett, supposedly the best pitcher in the league right now.

The worst part about yesterday: it marked the third time that the Yankees lost while allowing their opponent three runs or less. As stated Saturday, all three have been to the Mariners. So there’s room for hope there, I suppose, since the Ms don’t appear on the schedule for the remainder of the season.

The almost-worst part about yesterday: Boston scored six runs in the ninth in a comeback victory against the Orioles. Yeah, we really shouldn’t be watching what Boston’s doing at this point, because there are still 13 head-to-head bouts with them, meaning any amount of ground can really be made up. However, if the Yanks could only take eight of 13 from the Rangers and Mariners, how are they going to take 10 of 13 from the Sox (which they’ll basically need to do at this point)?

Maybe the off-day will help. After all, the pitching has come around this month, so as soon as they can get the bats and the arms going at the same time, they should rattle off a few winning streaks…right? Other than the two blowouts, the Yanks have only allowed 21 runs over 11 games (but then 29 in the other two). The arms will get another break with the light-hitting White Sox (team averages of .220/.299/.360) — though four of their five starters have ERAs under 4.00. The real challenges come next in the Mets (.284/.354/.449) and the Red Sox (.278/.367/.443).

Last 7 days
Jeter: .480/.581/.560
Posada: .440/.440/.560
Minky: .368/.381/.579
Damon: .321/.387/.393
Matsui: .296/.367/.407
Alex: .208/.367/.333
Melky: .182/.250/.545
Abreu: .143/.172/.179
Cano: .111/.111/.185
Giambi: .000/.125/.000

Down on the Farm
Yanks season rests on next 12 games
  • Luddy Bazcej

    Such a talented team, with so many inexplicable woes. But I still feel its plenty early to turn it all around and mesh solid pitching and offense. Its mid May after all! I guess it’s a bit simplistic but playing .500-ish ball after 6 weeks is far from horrible. Disappointing to be sure, but not the end of the world.

  • NYFan

    Things are looking pretty bleak right now. Even when the Yanks get Clemens and Hughes back and the rotation is the best in the game they will still have a ton of ground to make up. I don’t know if it can be done unless they absolutely crush Boston head-to-head. But right now this team doesn’t look like it’s capable of it.

    4.5 behind Cleveland for the WC. That seems more realistic than the division title at the moment. Too early to give up on the division, but the odds are looking pretty bad at the moment.

    Pythagorean record has the Yankees at 20-16, and Boston at 26-10…so even if the Yankees were playing to their stats they’d still be 6 behind…

  • Stuart

    They have about 6 players doing as good as or better then expected; jeter, arod(even though he is really slowing down), Posada, Pettitte, and maybe Bruney. The rest of the offense is not playing well and Abreu and Cano are just outright awful. Cano has no clue and if Abreu fake bunts once more I might destroy my TV.

    They need to get going. They have not really stolen any games just the 2 Arod HR games, no one else has really come thru and they have lost about 5 games really good teams either hold onto or steal. When they pitch well they do not hit and vice a versa.

    It is amazing they lead in runs scored with so many guys struggling……………………

  • LovetheSocksNottheSox

    The Yankees are either breaking my heart or ticking me off this season. Yesterday’s game was filled with half hearted rallies and lackluster at bats. What is it going to take these guys to start hitting, getting on base, advancing base runners and scoring runs? I thought they had finally hit their stride last month when they started sacrifice flys to score a run or advance a runner. I think there was even a quote from jeter or giambi talking about grinding out the runs and working to get runs scored. What happened to that strategy?
    At this point, the guys are playing like they don’t have anyone telling them what to do or how to do it. Is Torre watching them play? Can we cut their hot water a la “Major League”? They better shake out of this rut. It may be only Mid may, but I smell summer in the air.