2007 Midseason Top 30 Prospects

The amazing disappearing Yankee offense
Girardi waiting for Yanks' job opening?

I wasn’t planning on putting together a midseason list, but once I saw that everyone else doing it, I figured I might as well join the party. You can catch Fabian’s Top 30 List here and EJ’s here. I’m not going to go into too much detail because not all that much has changed as far as individual scouting reports and stuff like that. You can find my Preseason Top 30 list here, for comparisons sake. List after the jump.

  1. Jose Tabata, OF, A+: not flashing the power yet, but having a great year for an 18-yr old in the FSLÂ Â
  2. Joba Chamberlain, RHP, A+/AA:Â just a beast; one of the top 3 or 4 pitching prospects in the minors
  3. Dellin Betances, RHP, SS: it’s all based on dreams and projection at this point
  4. Ian Patrick Kennedy, RHP, A+/AA: pitching like he has a chip on his shoulder (maybe from being passed on in the draft)
  5. Jesus Montero, C, EST: you say overrated, i say you’ve never seen him hit a ball out to dead center! (neither have i, but i’ve heard he’s done it a bunch of times)
  6. Alan Horne, RHP, AA: i was one of the few who liked him coming into the year, glad to see he validated my belief
  7. Juan Miranda, 1B, A+: took some time to settle in, but took off once he get comfortable
  8. George Kontos, RHP, A+: proving last year was no fluke, he’s just manhandling people (when he’s not in handcuffs)
  9. Jeff Marquez, RHP, AA: solid, but generally unspectacular
  10. Kevin Whelan, RHP, AA/A+: some control issues, but the demotion surprised me…hasn’t pitched in nearly 2 weeks (hmmmm)
  11. Tyler Clippard, RHP, AAA/ML: struggles in the bigs were no surprise, just ask me!
  12. Marcos Vechionacci, 3B, A+: it’s still all about tools with Vech, but there’s been flashes of a breaking out this year…just like the last 3 years
  13. Austin Jackson, CF, A-: repeating low-a was the right move, he definitely appears to be making progress
  14. Frankie Cervelli, C, A+: it’s starting to look like his monster start was just a hot streak, but he’s still legit
  15. Eric Duncan, 1B, AAA: i quote yesterday’s DotF – just when you’re ready to give up on him…BAM!
  16. Dan McCutchen, RHP, A+: he’s a workhorse and having an outstanding full season debut…a fantastic find in the 13th round
  17. Alberto Gonzalez, SS, AAA: running, throwing and catching are still 3 of the 5 tools, right?
  18. Zach McAllister, RHP, SS: he’s got solid big league starter written all over him
  19. Reegie Corona, SS, A+: best utility infield prospect they’ve got
  20. Ross Ohlendorf, RHP, AAA: wasn’t exactly tearing it up before the injury, but it’s funny how they always say “it’ll be a few days” when they really mean “we have no friggin’ idea if or when we’ll see him again”
  21. Colin Curtis, LF, A+: your basic “does everything good but nothing great” player…the kind that drives me nuts…
  22. Edwar Ramirez, RHP, AA/AAA: Indy ball refugee has the best changeup in the system, and has done nothing but mow people down since signing
  23. Brett Gardner, CF, AA: say it with me folks: Eric Reed 2.0
  24. Steven Jackson, RHP, AAA: i still believe! you remember how bad clippard was in the first half last year, right?
  25. Seth Fortenberry, LF, A-: showing some serious pop to go along with his speedster rep
  26. David Robertson, RHP, A-: in the bigs by next september, if they ever get him out of charleston…
  27. Mike Dunn, LHP, A-: converted outfielder has been better this year than anyone could ever have expectedÂ
  28. Steven White, RHP, A+/AAA: he’ll pitch in the bigs this year…for what team? i dunno
  29. Brett Smith, RHP, AA: if he sustains his .218 BABIP all year, i’ll eat my shoe, live, via webcast
  30. Mitch Hilligoss, 3B, A-: what a difference a 38-game hit streak makes

I left Phil Hughes off because I think he’s up for good, save for a few rehab starts down the road. I also left the Elbow Surgery Quartet off, but don’t be mistaken, they all are still very much prospects, they just hit a speed bump. If you’re wondering, I would have ranked Hughes # 1 (obviously), and then Sanchez-Cox-Melancon-Garcia numbers 6 through 9 (bumping everyone else down accordingly). Â

Overall, I love the pitching depth, but I do think there’s some very real separation between the top 4 guys and the rest of the lot. Remember, I favor upside and tools over performance, which is why a guy like Jesus Montero ranks so high. I purposefully left off any 2007 draft picks that have already signed (only 1 guy woulda made it anyway); I plan on revisiting the top 30 after the August 15th signing deadline.

Feel free to comment, and please, let’s keep the “Mike, you’re an idiot” comments to a minimum.

The amazing disappearing Yankee offense
Girardi waiting for Yanks' job opening?
  • dan

    mike, you’re a very smart man. i’d have rated jackson a little lower and edwar higher. and for montero, i think you’re out of your mind on that one, especially since horne is right behind him. honestly, think about it… horne’s an animal.

  • marc

    How many of these guys have you actually seen play Mike? For me its fewer and far between so some guys i just don;t have an opinion on outside of stats. Also, Brooklyn vs SI tonight on SNY.

  • Matt L

    How is Robertson so low, he has the upside and track record? I love the Montero projection, but if your going off pure potential, where is Abe Almonte? he has a better track record and as much potential as anyone in the farm.

  • jason

    Nice job by Kennedy today. Jones is follwoing suit and Gardner is 4-4.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    I’ve seen most of these guys play, though none in person. But like I’ve said a million times, I’m not scout. I just take in as much info as humanly possible, digest it and go from there.

    Lookig back, if i put Montero so high, I shoulda included Almonte (and Prilys Cuello for that matter). I’d probably stick Abe in the 10-15 range I guess, without thinking too much about it.

    As far as Robertson goes, he is a reliever, and he doesn’t have the “blow’em away” stuff that Whelan has. You’ve either got to have dynamite stuff and/or a killer mentality if you’re a reliever and you want me to rank you in the top 10.

  • Mike R.

    Hey Mike,

    Why no Ivan nova? I know he is just now adapting to A- ball, but his ceiling is sky high. Nardi talks about this kid as if he were the next Pedro Martinez.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.


    Dammit, I left Nova off accidentally. I typed his name in, then he must have just gotten lost as I sorted the list out. He’s definitely a top 30 guy, probably in the 16-20 range. My bad.

  • Mike R.

    No problem. I’m just glad that I don’t look like a crazy person for asking about a guy with a 4-3 record in low A. The talent is undeniable though.

  • Rick

    I like Jesus Montero potential. It is amazing how people are just killing the guy before he can start his pro career. The guy’s potential with the bat at 16 years old is comparable to the likes of Manny, Pujols or atleast Miguel Cabrera and he plays catcher. Now that is fucking potenial.

  • CB


    What potential path to the majors do you see Miranda taking? He’s picked it up in Tampa, but at his age and his experience one would expect that. I assume it’ll be at least two years before he makes it to the majors? He’ll be in his mid-twenties by then. Given that he’s already on the 40 man roster and the money they’ve put into him any chance they may try to accelerate his development this year?

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  • Rich

    One game won’t change my mind about Duncan. He needs to be demoted to AA.

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