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Wallace Matthews is an idiot

I saw that Grant Plumley was released in BA’s latest transactions update, and that got me wondering how many players are still with the Yankees’ organization that were drafted by the team this century. Here’s the list:

2000 (50 drafted, 2 left): Sean Henn, Jeff Kennard

2001 (53, 5): Bronson Sardinha, Shelley Duncan, Chase Wright, Andy Cannizaro, Charlie Manning (though he took a detour through Cincinnati)

2002 (48, 5): Matt Carson, Gabe Lopez, Eric Hacker, Phil Coke, Phil Thorp

2003 (50, 8 ): Eric Duncan, Tim Battle, Steven White, Tyler Clippard, TJ Beam, Michael Gardner, Elvys Quezada, Jeff Karstens

2004 (52, 12): Phil Hughes, Jeff Marquez, Brett Smith, Chris Garcia, Jason Jones, Jesse Hoover, Mike Martinez, Cody Ehlers, PJ Pilittere, Guillermo Villalona-Bryan, Grant Duff, Mike Dunn

2005 (50, 11): JB Cox, Brett Gardner, Lance Pendleton, Garrett Patterson, Austin Jackson, James Cooper, Kyle Anson, Alan Horne, Josh Schmidt, Chris Malec, Eric Wordekemper

2006 (50, 23): Ian Kennedy, Joba Chamberlain, Zach McAllister, Colin Curtis, George Kontos, Tim Norton, Dellin Betances, Mark Melancon, Casey Erickson, Seth Fortenberry, Nick Peterson, Dan McCutchen, Gaby Medina, Paul Patterson, David Robertson, Chris Kunda, Kevin Russo, Russ Raley, Brian Aragon, Brian Baisley, Luke Trubee, Tim O’Brien, Kevin Smith

Wallace Matthews is an idiot
  • http://www.dapperdansofharmony.com Chuck M.

    Silly question, but how does that compare with other organizations? I know that organizations like the Dodgers & the Braves seem to pump out a few major-league ready prospects every year, and Tampa is playing its 2005 AAA team… but what’s the “standard” number of draftees that make the majors with their drafting team? (I notice that players like Cano & Wang, who weren’t drafted by the Yankees, aren’t on the list; that’s why I’m asking it the way I asked it.)

  • cbeck3

    Really interesting information. I’m going to look up their rounds! Can you estimate what percentage of the new talent each year is drafted as opposed to all the ‘signings’?

  • jon

    I’m kind of surprised that less than half of 2006 draftees are still in the organization. Any chance you could break that 50 down into their “fates” (eg. didn’t sign/traded/released/still in organization)?

  • The Scout

    Note that each year some draftees choose NOT to sign professional contracts. Thus the % of 2006 draftees still in the organization is likely above 50%. Also, to get a better sense of how productive drafts have been, another figure would be useful — the number of draftees still playing professional baseball. After all, some of the Yankee picks have been traded to obtain major league talent useful now (recall the Abreau deal).

  • dan

    what you guys are looking for would be kinda interesting, but also extremely tedious and eventually pointless for Mike to do. If you really want to know what the draftees are up to, go to http://tinyurl.com/3x4k9e and search for the names you want from these lists http://tinyurl.com/332t2b …. or mike can do whatever he wants with his site and time, and ignore what I just said.

  • dan

    that first link was supposed to be http://www.thebaseballcube.com , something got messed up there

  • Barry

    we seem to hold a lot of minor league fire sales.

  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    If you check out BA’s draft database page, you’ll see that 20 of the Yanks 50 draftees in 2006 didn;t even sign. The other 7 guys got cut in the offseason.