Bobby Abreu in June


More tomorrow about tonight’s excellent win — and man, did Alex crush that ball in the 9th or what? — but for now, let’s look at the much-maligned Bobby Abreu. When last we saw Señor Abreu, he was struggling mightily. And then the calendar flipped from May to June. This month, Abreu has come to the plate 24 times. He’s been on base 15 times. He’s 9 for 18 which, for the mathematically challenged among us, is .500. His four doubles gives him a slugging percentage of .722.

So about that Jermaine Dye-for-Bobby Abreu rumor? Yeah, let’s not do that, ok?

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  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Yeah, remember the DNews piece before the Sawx series in which an unnamed AL scout, likely from the Sawx I’d bet, called Abreu a “piece of garbage”?

    What a schmuck. The idiot awakens a sleeping lion.

    Meanwhile his team’s lost 3 of 4.

    But how likely was it anyway that a career .300 avg, .400 obp hitter had completely lost it?