Double-A Trenton has a really good pitching staff

Red Sox rough up get shut down by Jeff Weaver
BDD interview with Brett Smith

As you probably already know, the Double-A Trenton pitching staff is having a ridiculous year. Currently manned by Ian Kennedy, Joba Chamberlain, Brett Smith, Jeff Marquez and Alan Horne, the team has also seen the likes of Chase Wright, Jason Jones, Mike Gardner, Scott Patterson, Tim Lavigne and some guy named Clemens take at least 1 turn through the rotation. The bullpen’s also undergone a facelift, as Zach Kroenke (promoted from Tampa), Justin Pope (demoted from Scranton) and Lavigne have replaced Kevin Whelan, Gerardo Casadiego (both now with Tampa) and the great Edwar Ramirez (now in Scranton).

To give you an idea about just how dominant this pitching staff has been, here’s some numbers:

Team Stats (source)

  • Trenton leads the Eastern League with a 2.61 team ERA. The next best ERA belongs to Connecticut, which has a 3.60 team ERA. A run less per 9 innings than any other team in the league…that’s insane.
  • As a team, Trenton has shut out their opponents 11 times this year, again leading the EL. Four teams are tied for second place, with 4 shutouts apiece.
  • They’ve given up only 540 hits in 656 IP. That’s the fewest hits allowed and the most IP in the EL. So they’ve allowed the fewest hits despite pitching the most innings. Redonkulus.
  • Trenton’s staff has allowed only 33 homers this year, the next best team has allowed 43.
  • As a staff, they’ve struck out 622 batters, yet again to lead the EL. The next best team has struck out only 529.
  • Team WHIP = 1.17. Next best = 1.29.

Individual Stats (source)

  • Seven pitchers in the EL have an ERA under 3.00. Three of those guys play for Trenton (Smith, Horne, Jones).
  • Four of the 8 best ERA’s in the EL belong to Trenton pitchers (Smith, Horne, Jones, Marquez).
  • Smith, Horne and Jones have 3 of the 11 lowest WHIPs in the league.
  • Of pitchers with at least 40 IP, Scott Patterson has issued the fewest free passes, walking only 6.
  • Justin Pope, Chase Wright, Tim Lavigne, Roger Clemens, Scott Patterson and Mike Gardner have combined to throw 137.1 innings for Trenton. Guess how many homers they’ve allowed? Try zero.

Finally, just for a little fun, here’s a comparision of 2 EL pitchers. See if you can figure out who they are.

Pitcher A: 5.94 Hper9, 0.45 HRper9, 2.13 BBper, 12.44 Kper 9, .187 BAA, age 22
Pitcher B: 5.94 Hper9, 0.54 HRper9, 3.24 BBper9, 14.04 Kper9, .186 BAA, age 21

Red Sox rough up get shut down by Jeff Weaver
BDD interview with Brett Smith
  • b/c

    Joba and Bucholtz?

  • Marc

    clay buchholz (or whatever it is) and ian kennedy?

  • Marc

    side note… buchholz is doing his best impression of Franchise ain’t he?

  • Mike A.

    Clay’s doing it at 22. Phil was only 19 last year.

  • Zack

    Has to be Joba, as Kennedy is all of 22…

    It would be interesting to see all 3 of their #s side by side though, as Kennedy’s actually look more impressive than both of thems guys…

  • Mike A.

    A = Buchholz
    B = Joba

    Kennedy’s AA numbers are good, but not as good as those Buchholz’s and Joba’s:

    6.86 Hper9, .43 HRper9, 2.57 BBper 9, 11.14 Kper9

  • Joseph P.

    Oh, man. Kennedy’s numbers are sooooooo much worse.

  • C-Note

    nice one putting Joba & Buchholz stats side by side- if you were to read in some places you’d think Buchholz was the second coming- and it’s true PHIL was 3 years young doing the same dealio- speaking of PHIL the walking cast was taken off last week, he’s supposed to be cleared to throw off the mound this week-we’ll see him in AUG?

    back to the Double AA guys, who has the chance to be bumped up to Scranton before the end of the year? I’ve been voting for Horne for the last month… I think by next year JoBA, Kennedy, & Horne will be in competition for spots in rotation for the big ballclub in Da Bronx

  • C-Note

    AND in Horne’s last 10 starts his ERA is less than 2 (1.98)

  • Zack

    Horne should get the callup within the month, I would say, and Joba and Kennedy just the token end of the year stint. Remember, neither of them have too many pro innings yet, and Joba they probably don’t want to overload with his past…I’d say expect a mid-late season callup for both. That is, of course, if their paths stay true to form.

  • Zack

    I should qualify that by saying I mean a callup to AAA at the end of the season, and then a mid-season callup to the Majors…

  • ShawnT

    Thank god for guys like Joba, Ian, Horne, Betances, and Tabata. This season would sucked alot more than it already does if we didnt have those guys to look foward to for the future

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    C-Note — the other thing about Buchholz, besides the age thing, is the command issue. The Sawx have admitted that his command of his fastball especially has held him back.

    I’ve seen him pitch 3x this year via NESN and he can’t seem to keep his fastball down, and while his curve is occasionally astonishing, he can’t throw it for strikes often enough to succeed above AA at this point.

    Frankly, after seeing him pitch, I’m astounded by the numbers he’s putting up. He doesn’t seem that good, but I gues he must be?

  • Zack

    YFIC-I love to read that, as all I can get are reports of Buchholz as the next coming of, well, Papelbon I guess. The Boston media overhype and willingness of “the nation” to buy in is astounding. Not that we yanks fan do that at all, right? :)