Down on the Farm

Should they stay or should they go?
Would the real Mike Mussina please stand up?

Joba Chamberlain didn’t make BA’s Prospect Hot Sheet for the second time in 3 weeks, but do not fret, the Yanks were well represented as Ian Patrick Kennedy made the list at #11. Another well deserving Yankee farmhand made the cut, check out who’s at #17. 

Triple-A Scranton (4-0 win over Syracuse)
Justin Christian: 0 for 2, 2 R, 1 BB, 1 K, 1 SB
Shelley Duncan: 3 for 4, 1 R, 1 3B, 2 RBI, 1 K, 1 SB – in other news, Andy Phillips is still on the 25 man roster
Bronson Sardinha, Angel Chavez & Eric Duncan: all 1 for 4 – Sardinha drove in a run, Duncan K’ed
Juan Francia: 1 for 3, 1 R, 1 2B – 13 hits in his last 24 AB
Steven White: 7.1 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 3 BB, 2 K, 2 HBP – plunked Super Mario twice
Jimmy Brower: 1.2 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 1 K, 4-0 GB/FB – first hits allowed since June 11th

Double-A Trenton‘s game with Erie was called due to rain in the middle of the 3rd. Not much happened before that; Alan Horne went 2 IP, 2 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 1 K, and singles were had by Brett Gardner (he also walked, stole a base, got picked off first AND threw a runner out at 3rd), Andy Cannizaro, Noah Hall and Aarom Baldiris. No word on when or how they’ll make this one up.

High-A Tampa (6-2 win over Daytona)
Reegie Corona: 0 for 4, 1 R, 1 BB, 2 K
Austin Jackson: 2 for 5, 1 K, 1 SB – 7 hits and only the 1 K in 3 games since being promoted
Jose Tabata: 1 for 3, 2 RBI, 1 BB, 1 K, 1 HBP – alot of people think Joba’s the organization’s top prospect, but not me…this kid’s only 18 and he’s doing everything but hit for power in the FSL, and that’s usually the last tool to come
Edwar Gonzalez: 3 for 5, 1 R, 1 HR, 3 RBI, 1 K
Marcos Vechionacci: 0 for 4, 1 BB – 2 for his last 21 with 6 K
Tim Battle: 1 for 4, 1 R, 1 HR, 1 RBI, 2 K – second straight game with a jack
Walter Ibarra: 2 for 4, 2 R, 1 K, 1 SB
Danny McCutchen: 7 IP, 8 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 6 K – another game, another solid start deep into the game for McCutchen

Low-A Charleston (7-5 win over Savannah)
Mitch Hilligoss: 2 for 5, 2 R, 1 SB – 5 multi-hit games in his last 8 contests
Kyle Anson: 0 for 5, 3 K
Seth Fortenberry: 2 for 3, 3 R, 1 HR, 1 RBI, 1 BB, 1 SB, 1 HBP – 14 doubles, 12 homers this year
Kevin Smith: 1 for 4, 1 R, 1 RBI, 1 BB, 1 K
Eduardo Nunez: 2 for 4, 1 R, 2 RBI, 2 E (throwing, missed catch) – breaks a 2 for 23 slump…both errors came in the 9th
Josue Calzado: 1 for 4, 1 2B, 2 RBI, 1 K – gunned down a runner at the plate
Eric Hacker: 6 IP, 7 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 5 K, 2 WP, 1 Balk, 9-3 GB/FB
Jesse Hoover: 2 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 0 K, 1 WP
Edgar Soto: 0 IP, 0 H, 3 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 0 K, 1 HBP – that’s a funky little line…he hit a batter to start the inning, then an error was committed behind him, then he walked the next guy, and was pulled for …
Jon Hovis: 1 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 0 K – allowed all 3 inherited runners to score via an error and a double…

Short Season Staten Island (7-3 win over Hudson Valley) took on an old friend in this one
Justin Snyder: 1 for 3, 1 R, 2 BB – college infielder played CF…and threw a runner out at 2nd
Luis Nunez: 3 for 4, 1 R, 1 2B, 3 RBI – 8 hits in 6 games with SI
Damon Sublett: 1 for 3, 1 2B, 1 RBI, 2 BB, 1 K – at least 1 K in each game so far
David Williams: 1 for 4, 2 R, 1 2B, 1 BB – 9 hits against only 1 K this year (threw a runner out at first)
Andres Perez: 0 for 5, 3 K
Austin Krum: 2 for 4, 1 R, 1 2B, 1 K – 3 for 20 this year
Zach McAllister: 4.1 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 3 K, 7-2 GB/FB – 12-3 GB/FB ratio this year
John Axford: 4 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 2 K – has pitched at Short Season, Low-A, High-A and Triple-A this year

Rookie GCL Yanks (8-2 win over GCL Braves)
Abe Almonte: 2 for 5, 1 R, 1 RBI, 1 BB, 1 K, 1 SB – signs of life after 4 hitless games (3 starts) to start the year
Prilys Cuello: 1 for 3, 1 R, 1 HR, 2 RBI, 1 BB, 1 K – at least one hit and one walk in all but 1 game this year
Ryan Wehrle: 2 for 4, 1 R, 1 2B, 1 BB
Brandon Laird: 2 for 4, 1 K, 1 HBP, 2 E (missed catch, pickoff) – he’s hit in all 5 games so far
Zolio Almonte: 1 for 3, 1 R, 1 BB
Kelvin Castro: 2 for 5, 2 R, 2 K
Melky Mesa: 1 for 4, 1 R, 1 HR, 2 RBI, 1 BB, 2 K – 11 K in only 5 games
Andres Dionicio: 1 for 4, 1 R, 2 RBI, 1 K, 1 HBP
Larry Day: 1 for 5, 1 2B – first hit as a pro for Mr. Irrelevant
Ross Ohlendorf: 1.2 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 0 BB, 1 K, 1 HB, 4-0 GB/FB – hey, I remember you…
Danny Gil: 3 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 2 K, 5-2 GB/FB
Dicky Marquez: 4 IP, 1 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 4 K, 1 WP

Should they stay or should they go?
Would the real Mike Mussina please stand up?
  • Zack

    White seems to be regaining form-so, two or so more good starts and is there any reason not to try him as our #5? Especially with the team most likely, what, 14 back by then?

  • cjc

    Double-A Trenton’s game with Erie was called due to rain in the middle of the 3rd.

    no it wasn’t jeez where do you get your info try

  • Joseph P.


    As you can see, the link goes right to the scorebox. Apparently, there was a misunderstanding.

  • Tommy

    Couple questions:

    Why has Braedyn Pruitt stopped playing at SI? He went 3-for-4 the first game. Hurt?

    Any idea if Howes, Holliday and Morris are signing soon? I know their seasons just ended not long ago. Are any eligible to go back to school?

    And for Zach, Clippard should still be ahead of White on the depth chart. You can’t give up on the guy already. I’d even go to Desalvo before White. Desalvo and Clippard, for their problems in the majors, are still doing very well at AAA and deserve more chances.

  • Ben

    As I wrote briefly this afternoon, I think we’ve seen Clippard’s ceiling. I would, at this stage, rank him higher than I would White. But I wouldn’t expect greatness from him. Once he rediscovers that throwing strikes is a good thing, he’ll be a fair-to-middling back-of-the-rotation starter in the big leagues. Don’t expect him to another Hughes, Minor League numbers not withstanding.

  • Tommy

    I think it’s a bad idea to put a ceiling on anyone. I cringe when Baseball America uses the term, especially when trying to predict three years down the line if a guy is a No. 2 or No. 4 starter, as if they are equal on all teams.

    Now I obviously agree that Clippard is not Hughes. But it shouldn’t take one of the top young pitchers in all of baseball to be a No. 5 starter. You can be a notch below that like Clippard and still succeed. And since it seems to be against the Yankees ideals to have two guys under 30 in the rotation, I too would trade Clippard for a good player. But let’s not forget what TC has done.

    Joba at 21: pitching well in AA after very strong high-A year
    Ian at 21: 9.03K/9; 3.19BB/9; 1.34 WHIP; 3.90 ERA at USC
    Tyler at 21: 9.47K/9; 2.98BB/9; 1.04 WHIP; 3.35 ERA at AA

    I don’t know who else you want to put on the list, but people seem to have forgotten how young Clippard is and how good he’s been along the way. The Yankees seem to have fallen into this pattern of if a guy isn’t an very good the first time or two that he’s in the majors, that he’ll never be good. Just like every level, it takes time for guys to adjust.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    Did Ross reinjure himself? Kinda odd for the starting pitcher to come out after 1.2 ip otherwise.

  • C-Note

    Action Jackson is lovin’ Tampa… odd that Horne hasn’t been called up to scranton, has pitched very well with amazing K’s/BB ratio- almost think at this point they are looking for him to keep puttin’ up sick numbers @ trenton to up his value in a trade… has great stuff and seems to have put it all together this year- there was a reason he was a #1 draft pick right out of High school- I wouldn’t mind seein’ him @ triple A and possible audition for #5 guy in rotation- I think he has a very high ceiling and recently got a bang up write up (baseball america I think)- I wouldn’t just give this guy away for just anything, he’s still just 24 and has a chance to be a good one

  • D

    I’m just speculating here, but my guess is that Ohlendorf was on a strict, low pitch count since that was his first game action since going on the DL.

  • Rich

    Chamberlain is the top prospect because he projects as a #1 or #2 and he is close to being ML ready.

  • C-Note

    I’m agreeing with Rich, arms like Joba’s don’t come around too often, and maybe we’re spoiled because we just had Hughes come through here, but Joba’s #1 overall prospect in my book- Phil, Wang & JoBA will be the foundation of the team going into the new stadium- not to say that Tabata’s not going to be great, I think he is, it’s just SO much harder to find pitchers

  • Stuart

    do you think they will ever let Shelly Duncan step foot in the show???

    I figure he should be the next guy up, where does he play? Does he play 1B and RF?


    He has pretty good genes, his brother is a decent player with power…

  • Zack

    The reason that I advocate giving a start for White is that Clippard obviously needs more time to develop and throw strikes consistantly. DeSalvo is in the Joe Torre doghouse from whence one never returns…

    As for White, he hasn’t been given the chance, so might as well, right?

  • Joseph P.

    I’m with Zack on this one. Gotta give White a shot before you go back for Clippard.

    Here’s the thing with Tyler: he simply didn’t throw strikes in the majors: 58%, and only got 52% first-pitch strikes. Walking 17 guys in 27 innings is also a quick way to earn your ticket out of NY.

    Thing is, he always had good walk numbers in the minors. So how are we to determine when he’ll be ready to throw strikes in the majors? You really can’t say, so my reaction to that would be to keep in the minors until at least September.

  • Mike A.

    When I ran thru the box scores last night, the AA game had “Postponed: Rain” across the top of the line score, which is how informs you of delays, etc. I kept checking back as I wrote up the other stats (thinking it was actually raining, and that they may restart the game at some point), but the box score never updated.

    My bad, but it’s no biggie, it’s one game out of the 700+ that’ll be on DotF this year.

  • Mike A.

    YFiC – I’m guessing Ohlendorf was a low pitch count, probably 30 or 35 pitches. I’m hoping that’s why he came out after only 1.1 innings, but I guess the back could have acted up again.

  • Tommy

    Clippard had the same problems adjusting to AA last season. He was 2-9 with a 5.67 ERA before completely turning his season around to finish with a 3.36 ERA and win 10 of his last 11 decisions. And he did have control problems last year as well, at least in terms of what he had done the previous seasons.

    There’s just no proof anywhere that Steven White is or has been a better pitcher than CLippard – except for the fact that White hasn’t pitched in the bigs yet. But that’s no to run a team, just trot a guy out there, and if he fails go to some other guy.

  • Zack

    Not that I think anyone is still checking this comments section, but might as well reply anyways:
    Steven White is pitching better than Clippard right now, and was on track to be the callup before injury, so that is reason enough. its not simply “trotting him out there” but based on where each one stands at the moment…