Hughes to start throwing within a week


Thanks to reader C-Note for pointing out this story in the NY Post regarding Phil Hughes‘s rehab:

Phil Hughes had the walking boot removed from his left foot yesterday and expects to start throwing within a week in Tampa. Hughes has been out since May 2 with a hamstring injury. He then suffered a severe ankle sprain doing agility drills later in the month.

It’s impossible to even speculate as to a timetable at this point (though I’m sure Pete Abraham will). I think it’s safe to say, though, that anticipating a return before August is being aggressive. We sure could use him, though.

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  • C-Note

    If we get him back for the first week on August he’ll be the pitcher we “obtain” at the deadline… could be the one who makes the difference in the streach run and (maybe) the playoffs

  • http://www.yankeegirlversusguy.com YankeeGirl

    If he pulls a Pavano I swear I’ll track him and his sprained ankle down and give him a crutch upside the head… Let’s hope for his sake it doesn’t come to that.