In which I apologize to Bob

Down on the Farm
Yanks head into well-deserved off day with another win

Dear Mr. Abreu,

I owe you one big apology, and this afternoon, you made me feel even worse. I sat in the Tier Reserve this afternoon as you went 4 for 4 with a triple, double, two singles, a walk, four runs scored, three RBIs and a stolen base. While A-Rod hitting behind you may have belted two monstrous home runs, you were my vote for YES Network’s Player of the Game.

You’re also showing me the lesson of sample size. In May, you were terrible. In fact, it was the worst month of your excellent Major League career. You hit .208 with a .267 and a .274 slugging. We thought that maybe you, with your career .300/.400/.500 line, may be on the decline. Your bad fielding in Boston capped things off.

At the end of May, you were hitting .228/.313/.289 at were benched in Toronto because you clearly needed a day off. Well, let me just needed a new slate, a day off, a new calendar month. Because, wow, have you delivered.

In June, Bobby, you’re hitting the cover off of the ball. In 10 games, you have 38 at bats and 19 hits. You have walked in every game but one and have 10 base-on-balls for the month. Eight of your 19 hits are extra bases. So you’re offensive line for the mont is .500/.604/.789.

You’ve raised your total line this season to .272/.364/.370. That’s quite a raise in 10 games.

So I’m sorry, Bobby. I’m sorry I doubted you. Welcome back. This team, once left for dead but now 9.5 games behind Boston and in fourth place in the Wild Card, needs you. Go, Bobby.

Down on the Farm
Yanks head into well-deserved off day with another win
  • Barry

    Not only that, but hes playing with a smile on his face. to quote joe torre
    “Looseness. These guys are having fun with each other,” It’s good to see he’s turning around which makes it easier to re-accept him. Plus with A-Rod hitting clutch, this longtime rod-hater has started to cheer for arod when he is up at the plate. Feels good to watch the yankees win after a stressful two months.
    anyway, good article, you hit the nail on the head with it

  • Rich

    I take credit for his turnaround because it started right after I wanted to DFA him. His defense still sucks though.

  • John L.

    I was so glad to see Bobby snap out of it because when he’s on I enjoy watching him so much at the plate. Last year was the first time I really got to see him play on a regular basis (not being a Phillies fan and all) and it was just incredible to see how often he’d casually get down 0-2 in the count and then continue to take balls and foul pitches off until he’d worked the count full. When he’s on, he has an uncanny batting eye. It’s no coincidence that his resurgence hitting the baseball has occurred at the same time as his resurgence taking walks and the resurgence of the Yankee offense.

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