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Nothing good going on with the Yanks
A case of the Mondays

From The Post:

The White Sox have had a scout looking at Yankees’ Double-A pitchers Ian Kennedy and Joba Chamberlain. Chicago general manager Kenny Williams has vowed to make changes, and if he wants to deal Mark Buehrle or Jermaine Dye, expect the Yankees to be interested. Williams talks regularly with Brian Cashman. Dye has been out since Friday with a quad injury.

Brian Cashman should give full authority to his secretary to tell Williams “Get bent” if he calls with a Buehrle-for-IPK/Joba proposal. Don’t get me wrong, Buerhle’s a very nice, very consistent pitcher (save the second half of last year), but young controllable starters do not get dealt for pitchers with impending free agency. Can’t blame Kenny for tryin’ though.

And for those of you that still worry that Cash may jump at such a deal, do not fret: players can not be traded until the 1 year anniversary of when they signed, which is something in mid-to-late August for Kennedy and mid-September for Joba. All that “they can be PTBNL” garbage is just that; garbage. A guy can’t be the PTBN for a deal that is retroactive to their 1-yr anniversary. Williams will get a better offer for Buehrle before those dates. Rest easy.

Nothing good going on with the Yanks
A case of the Mondays
  • Luddy Bazcej

    those kids shouldnt be traded even if it was within the rules.

    chamberlain and kennedy are the meat of the rotation after hughes in the next 2 to 3 years.

    i wouldnt trade them unless i was completely overwhelmed with an offer that addresses numerous needs, say a young C, 1B, and OF, in one fail swoop.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I’d do Kennedy and a low-A player (a la CJ Henry) for Dye and Buehrle. I can’t help thinking Kennedy will be more Clippard than Hughes.

  • cult of basebaal

    hmmm … hey mike, what’s your source for the claim that players can’t be traded for a year, even as PTBNL? i asked the question to kevin goldstein over at Baseball Prospectus today and his response seemed to be clear that players can be dealt as PTBNL before their 1st year anniversary:

    cult of basebaal (City of Angels): What are the exact rules concerning when a minor league player can be traded after he signs his first contract. Chamberlain and Kennedy are both being mentioned as possible targets in trade talks with the White Sox, yet according to the River Avenue Blues blog, both signed late last summer and haven’t been with the Yankees for a full year. Can they be traded before a full year has passed, even as PTBNL?

    Kevin Goldstein: You define the rule well, while also finding the loophole. A player can not be traded for one year after signing, but at the same time, you CAN do a PTBNL deal and then trade that fresh draft guy once he hits a year.