Isn’t Moose supposed to be smart?


Via Peter Abraham comes this gem from my favorite Yankee starter:

“With my National League inexperience I didn’t think about who was on deck. I probably would have pitched a little differently had I thought about it.”

Not that the extra run mattered in the end, but everyone makes such a big deal about Moose being a smart baseball player and a cerebral pitcher. I think we can put that notion to rest right here. Situational pitching; it’s more than a good idea.

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  • batty

    Awww, he did a pretty damn good job tonight, give him a break! He does tend to be cerebral but if you don’t fully know anyone you’re pitching to it does make it harder.

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben

    I had another thought. Wil Nieves is to blame. As the catcher he should know the situation, who’s up, who’s on deck. If he doesn’t know that, what good is he?

  • John

    If they thought they needed to pitch around the guy the call would have come from the dugout.
    Moose had retired the first two batters of the inning easily. And if you could get the number eight guy it would’ve forced the pitcher to lead off the next inning or be pulled.